Best Taco Spots in Montreal

While tacos are not specific to Montreal in particular, they are very delicious and a lot of people like eating them. Because of that, you will find a vast range of taco spots in Montreal, many of which will impress you with their food and prices. This is why we created a list of some of the best taco spots in Montreal.

Here’s where to find the best tacos around Montreal:

1. Casa Kaizen, Time Out Market

If you want to try out a good taco spot, then Casa Kaizen is a great option. They have a decent selection of tacos and the quality is what sets them apart. That being said, you have to try these out, the tacos are great and prices are not really that high either.

2. Taqueria La Matraca

Since this is a restaurant focused specifically on tacos, it’s safe to say that these are very high quality and incredibly tasty. They use great ingredients to ensure the authenticity of their tacos too, which is always a major plus.

3. Icehouse

Icehouse might not be solely a taco place, but they do have a variety of tacos too, like the fried shrimp ones or the fish tacos, as well as the fried chicken tacos. It’s definitely a place you will like if you’re into great tacos.

4. El Rey del Taco

They offer authentic street food taco with lamb, beef, chicken and pork meat They are also part grocery store too, so you can even go and shop after you eat within the restaurant.

5. Tacos & Tortas

Tacos & Tortas has pretty much something for everyone. The fresh corn tortillas are nice, and then you have more complex taco recipes too. It’s certainly one of those places that you want to visit for authentic food.

6. La Capital Tacos

You can find La Capital Tacos in Chinatown and they don’t have fusion items. There are 6 different types of tacos, quite different to one another, and overall there’s definitely a lot of value to be had for the money.

7. Tacos Frida

It might be a corner store, but Tacos Frida is very popular since it does have a vast range of Mexican groceries and tacos too. They also have homemade horchata too, which is well worth a try.

8. Tacos Victor

Tacos Victor has all kinds of tacos, be it vegetarian, with chorizo, flank steak and many others. You will also find a variety of fun dishes here too, which are actually very tasty and creatively made.

9. Escondite

Escondite is a local chain that has all kinds of great street foods. They don’t have a massive taco list, but the ones they do have are really good and you will find them a pleasure to try out.

10. Mr. Azteca

Mr. Azteca has inexpensive tacos, and they are very tasty too. It’s a great idea to give them a try especially if you want good tacos at an affordable price. And yes, the quality is definitely there.

There’s no denying that all of these taco spots are worth a shot. So if you’re in Montreal and you want to try out some great tacos, these are well worth a shot, not to mention you will appreciate the great recipes and the quality they deliver!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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