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Tacos Victor Montreal

really good tacos

You know when you’re craving tacos and… that’s it? You just really want really good tacos? That’s Tacos Victor!

Montreal Taco Victor

You know when you’re craving tacos and… that’s it? You just really want really good tacos? That’s Tacos Victor!

Trendy Mexican taco joint in St.Henri

Located in the up and coming St. Henri neighborhood, Tacos Victor is fast, filling and just plain good. This trendy Mexican taco joint offers a few taco selections including chorizo, bavette, shrimp and veggie and serves them up with thin cut fries and a selection of homemade salsas to spice yours just right.

Tacos Victor Location Montreal

Jar of Spices in taco victor montreal

Wait… fries?

Yes! Although here in Canada we usually associate nachos with Mexican cuisine, fries are also a common street, snack & side dish in Mexico city. And they pair really nicely with loaded tacos.

For Adults and Kids

These are no small tacos either. Two is more than enough for most people, and if you’re bringing the family, they have mini taquitos for the kiddies.

Gluten free and tasty!

Although the menu is small, it’s big on taste and fresh ingredients. They even make their own fresh juices to complement your tacos.

What makes Tacos Victor extra special is that they double up the corn (gluten free!) tortillas to address the spillage and breakage issue.

Make the best out of it

If you want to try it out (and if you like tacos – who doesn’t – we recommend you do), do be aware that seating is limited. This is more of a takeout than a sit down joint, although there is a bar with a few bar stools if you want to eat in. Your best bet is to grab a case of Corona at a nearby dep and bring your tacos home, or have a picnic in the nearby Sir Georges-Étienne-Cartier park.

Outdoor window of Taco victor
Plate of taco with fries and shrimps

fast and friendly

There’s usually a crowd, especially during peak times, but the service is fast and friendly and… did we mention tacos?

Check out Tacos Victor here!

TV displaying content at taco victor

Discover a new business that is opening up in the Area this April.

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