Top spots for skiing & Snowboarding around Quebec City

Top spots for skiing & Snowboarding around Quebec City

What are the best spots for skiing and snowboarding near Quebec City? Check out this post to get the list and details about the best sites!

Top spots for skiing & Snowboarding around Quebec City

Quebec City is famous for its French culture, European buildings, cobblestone streets, diverse restaurants, museums, and attractions. However, the fabled slopes in the nearby mountains drive more people to enjoy the picturesque views and participate in outdoor adventure activities, including skiing and snowboarding. So, today’s article will list the top spots for skiing and snowboarding near Quebec City.


Mont-Sainte-Anne is 40 kilometers away from Quebec City, boasting more than 70 trails across three mountains. The area covers 547 acres, offering well-groomed and well-maintained terrain for snowboarders and skiers. Most people visit Mont-Sainte-Anne on short winter days to enjoy the 19 trails lit for night skiing.

In addition, lifts are efficient and fast and include a base to summit the beautiful gondola and four quads. You will love the well-mixed terrain for varying skiing and snowboarding skills. There are trails for family-friendly adventure activities, including the 3-4 kilometers trail from the summit for beginners.

Similarly, 80% of the landscape or terrain is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and expert skiers. Snowmaking covers 340 acres of the terrain and supplements over 200 inches of natural snow every year.

Mont Tremblant

Everyone knows about Mont Tremblant, the most famous ski resort in Canada. Mont Tremblant offers picturesque views and the French Alpine resort flair, offering a comfortable traffic-free village of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Mont Tremblant is near Quebec City in the Laurentians with an altitude of 2,871 feet, adding to the northern location and offering plenty of natural snow. It has world-class snowmaking tops, driving people throughout the skiing season.

Besides, combined with numerous on-and-off adventure activities in the mountains, Mont Tremblant is the number one ski resort in Eastern Canada. You will love various outdoor activities, such as snow tubing and snowshoeing.

Le Massif de Charlevoix

Le Massif De Charlevoix overlooks the St. Lawrence River in the beautiful Quebec region. The place is famous for its gorgeous views and challenging steeps. It also has an upside-down layout, making it a perfect destination for skiing enthusiasts.

You will find the main lodge on the top of the mountain with a ski school to learn about skiing and snowboarding on slopes with magic carpet lifts. In addition, driving to the summit is an excellent way to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

On the other hand, you can start at the bottom and take the lift to reach the mountaintop. Moreover, this place is Canada’s highest vertical Rockies with a new 100-acre of meadows, making it popular for expert skiers and snowboarders.


Bromont is one of the largest Township ski resorts near Quebec City, with more than 155 trails spread across various slopes on four mountains. Thus, Bromont gives its gorgeous terrain with increased diversity. Although you will see that the hill is a little benign from below, its 40% of trails are suitable for expert and double-diamond skiers.

In addition, 25% of the terrain is suitable for beginners, and 35% of the landscape is ideal for intermediate skiers. You will never find the thrill and adventure anywhere else than Bromont, especially when you want to make the most out of your skiing and snowboarding adventure.

Mont Orford

Mont Orford boasts a dense forest of the National Park, allowing skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels to visit the place, relish the beautiful mountain views, and enjoy the well-groomed trails. The entire section has natural snow, allowing for unique skiing experiences.

Mont Orford, also known as the signature mountain, is one of the tallest mountains in the Eastern Townships, providing an exciting rank of black and double-black diamonds. In addition, there are several vertical drops for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

There are a total of 17 glades. Two are suitable for beginners, three for intermediate-level skiers, and a dozen for expert-level skiing enthusiasts. Moreover, it has a park for cross-country skiers with more than 45 kilometers of trails near the Discovery Center Le Cerisier.

Final Words

Skiers and snowboarders head to western Canada for adventure activities. However, Quebec City’s surroundings are excellent spots for skiing in Eastern Canada, boasting diverse elevations and natural snow, making these areas the best spots for skiing and snowboarding. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.