10 Best Camping Spots Near Quebec City

10 Best Camping Spots Near Quebec City

Camping spots and campgrounds near Quebec City will mesmerize you by letting you reconnect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities!

10 Best Camping Spots Near Quebec City

There are several stunning national and provincial parks near Quebec City. Quebec’s natural attractions include hiking trails, mountains, canoe lakes, and sandy beaches. Quebec has two majestic mountain ranges, including the Laurentian Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. Here are the best places for camping near Quebec City. Read on!

1. Mont Tremblant Park

Mont-Tremblant is the administrative region of the Laurentian Mountains near Quebec City, offering miles and miles of breathtaking boreal forests, hundreds of canoe trails, and hundreds of hiking trails of varying difficulty.

More than 40 species of mammals inhabit the park and more than 900 sites for all types of camping. You can book a cottage, a wooden house with all amenities, a compact place without amenities, or just put up a tent.

2. La Mauricie National Park

La Mauricie National Park is located in the Mauricie region of Quebec. There are more than a hundred lakes and dozens of rivers in the park. The park is one of the best in Canada for canoeists and kayakers.

The park has a magnificent waterfall, panoramic viewpoints, and many hiking trails. The hooting of night owls will add its mite to a pleasant romantic nighttime pastime. So, if you want to connect with nature and enjoy picturesque views, we recommend visiting this place.

3. Jacques Cartier National Park

Just a 30-minute drive from Quebec City, you will fall under the spell of a colossal mountain highland cut by deep valleys. The Jacques-Cartier National Park lies in one of Quebec’s most beautiful glacial valleys, the spectacular Jacques-Cartier Valley.

The Jacques Cartier River, stormy in some places and calm in others, cut a channel 550 meters deep into the plateau. Coniferous forests and deciduous trees in deep valleys are perfect for camping.

4. Forillon National Park

Forillon Park offers 346 serviced campsites in four magnificent sectors of the park. Visitors wishing to enjoy nature in greater comfort can stay in one of the 15 tents. There are also 15 new houses installed in the park.

The micro cube houses have windows with roofs and a wooden floor overlooking nature. The park also offers five outlying wilderness campers, two of which are large shelters where you can camp without a tent.

5. Mingan Archipelago National Park

Do you love nature and fresh air? There is nothing better than staying in the Mingan archipelago to recharge your body. The park reserve consists of 20 limestone islands and many beautiful islands.

Hiking, picnicking, and camping provide an opportunity to make the most of what the islands have to offer. You can also go on a boat or sea kayak tour or surf in the park within the reserve.

Admire and photograph the archipelago’s unusual limestone monoliths shaped by the sea and two lighthouses, rare plants, and birds. Several islands have boardwalks, marked trails, hideouts, picnic areas, and more.

6. Reservoir Baskatong

The Baskatong Reservoir came about due to the construction of the Mercier Dam in 1927. Baskatong is the feed water source for hydroelectric power plants downstream of the Gatineau River.

So, this beautiful and majestic 320 kilometers square inland sea includes 2,800 kilometers of coastline, several sandy beaches, and about 160 islands. The reservoir has a wide variety of outdoor activities all year round. Baskatong is an ideal place for camping lovers with equipment and campsites.


7. Frontenac National Park

Frontenac National Park is on the banks of the Great Lake Francois, the third-largest lake south of the Saint Lawrence River. It is a paradise for over 200 bird species and 30 mammal species.

You can set up camp, go canoeing, or stay in a tent or country house. You will discover magnificent nature, including a charming fragrant peat bog at least a thousand years old.

8. Upper Gorge

The Upper Gorge on the Bad Bay River was named after a series of valleys deeply cut into the range of high mountains. The Upper Gorge is one of the highest rocky slopes east of the Canadian Rockies.

Steep slopes, beautiful nature, and the unusual course of the Bad Bay River make this place exceptional. The location is one of the main biosphere reserve areas of the Charlevoix region and is a perfect site for camping.

9. Lake Saint-Jean

Take a dip in the vast amounts of fresh water in this region, teeming with coastal settlements that offer a vibrant cultural life and adventure tourism. Saguenay Fjord is filled with delightful hidden treasures to discover at a leisurely pace.

Breathtaking landscapes and boundless expanses will amaze you at every turn. From coast to coast, one of the longest fjords in the world holds endless surprises. You will find many campgrounds in this area.

10. Aiguebelle National Park

A true natural gem of the Abitibi region, the Aiguebelle National Park is home to many geological phenomena with catchy names. In addition to the magnificent scenery, the park hosts a wide range of wildlife: elk, beaver, mink, heron, and osprey, to name but a few. Whether in winter or summer, Aiguebelle National Park is the perfect place to enjoy nature and create memorable camping experiences.

Final Words

Quebec City’s surrounding areas have high plains, forested hills, and picturesque landscapes with hundreds of campgrounds and spots, allowing locals and tourists to reconnect with mother nature and spend quality time with their families or friends. Until Next Time!

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