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My Experience at Yoga Vieux Montreal

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I was recently given the opportunity to take a class at the new yoga studio on St-Jacques Street in the old port, Yoga Vieux Montreal. My experience can be described by the following four words: Sunny, Refreshing, fun and detoxifying.

After rushing through traffic, trying to find parking in the old port, being yelled and honk at many times, I finally walked up the stairs of 50 St-Jacques, I walked into a beautiful open white room with big windows that was letting the warm sun shine through.

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Tanya Dawe, owner and teacher at Yoga Montreal and one of her lovely employees Fiona and showed me around before we got started. Our practice was focused on twist. Tanya builds her class in order to achieve on special (and might I add quite difficult, but fun and surprisingly possible) posture.

I’ve been to many yoga classes in many different studios, class, and even cities, but it was the first time I really got to talk to one of my teachers and engage with her views and her goals.

Yoga Vieux Montreal, is all about creating a community giving accessible classes to busy business women (and men) as well as the student or really anybody that wants to practice yoga.

Affordable, fun, welcoming and flexible Yoga practice, Yoga Vieux Montreal is for you. There are classes from 7:30 am to 8 pm and over 6 different and affordable payment options.

Yoga vieux montreal-Tanya 2

Find your new yoga community here: http://www.yogavieuxmontreal.com/ or on twitter, pinterest, facebook or even download there app.

I encourage you to go and experience Yoga Vieux Montreal and just like me, you will become a member to this amazing community.

Comment and let me know how was your experience at Yoga Vieux Montreal!


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