Are you an immigrant in Canada? | Featuring Asmaa Haimar

Learning for the experience and the mistakes of others

How can your journey as an immigrant in Canada get smoother? How to manage with less set backs?

The first question is: Are you an immigrant in Canada?

If so, can you think of a time in your journey here where you thought “How come nobody told you THAT when you come here!”?

As an immigrant herself, Asmaa Haimar has experienced few short setbacks in her new home because of what she did not know.
She found herself once thinking that despite of all the resources that are currently available for new comers, there is still a lot of valuable information that is not provided…so she decided to build up a package of valuable information to help new comers succeed here as quickly as possible.

As part of the process, she is interviewing immigrants that have been living here for less than 10 years. If you would like to participate in her short survey, please email her here (”

It is simply the a nice way of helping! Humans helping humans! Canadians helping future Canadians!

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Source: Asmaa Haimar

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