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SEO Marketing Agency in Montreal

Montreal SEO Agency  | Helping Businesses Online While Supporting a Great Cause

Montreal is full of under marketed small businesses. It is full of hidden gems that deserve to be shared with the world, both the visitors and the locals.

Montreal Based SEO Agency

A Digital Marketing Firm in Montreal helps local businesses rank better on search engines, as well as to give them a voice online.

Cap.TaiM, a digital marketing and search agency in Montreal helps turn local ideas into profits. Cap.TaiM ensures these business not only market themselves properly, but  also by teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses how to maintain their marketing long term.

Also Cap.TaiM is big in helping out and offering charity in Montreal and worldwide. Currently Cap.TaiM is raising money with the UN to help support refugees. 

Raising Money for the refugees

This year they are intending to go on a 4,000 KM bike trip around Europe to show my support for the refugees by raising awareness and donations for their needs.

You can help them reach their goal by donating for the great cause they are supporting this year.