5 Best Cities to Visit Near Montreal

Best Cities to Visit Around Montreal

While there are many great cities near Montreal that we excluded, we just had to pick our top 5. We hope that this list encourages you to visit one of these beautiful cities if you haven’t already!


Known for being a snow sports haven and for its great national park, it’s an easy sell to any future visitors. During the summer, Tremblant is a great place for kayaking, biking, swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Mont-Tremblant is about a 2-3hr trip from Montreal so you can easily plan a day trip if need be. If you’re interested for a longer time Tremblant has plenty to offer. From its mountain views to its quaint village design it truly does resemble a sort of Alpine dream village. The village features a variety of shops and nightlife that can make for a great night or weekend!

Photo by Jamshed Khedri



Most likely the least known location on our list, Baise-Saint-Paul is located in the Charlevoix region and is primarily known for its art galleries, various local product shops and great restaurant scene. It is regarded as a Quebecois cultural hub with many amenities to suit people of different tastes. The town is surrounded by mountain ranges where you can find multiple hiking trails if
that’s your thing! Baie-St-Paul is also home to quite a bit of farmland and you can actually visit these farms and purchase their local produce and products which are worth the trip alone!


Quebec City

Quebec City, Quebec’s national capital is probably one of the most famous locations here but with good reason. As some may know, Quebec City is a Unesco world heritage site and has about over 400 years of history to it. The city truly reflects this and also embraces while also embracing modernity creating a vibrant mix of charm.

Quebec City is known for a myriad of things including its unique French Canadian culture, historical sites, shopping, family activity, local food, bars while also providing the luxury of having nearby outdoors activities. It truly provides a hybrid flexibility to its visitors as there is always something to do regardless of the season or weather. Quebec City is also an incredibly beautiful city which attracts many photographers to work their magic.

Photo Benoit Debaix


Gatineau is one of Quebec’s major cities situated on the border of Quebec and Ontario. In fact it is only separated by the Ottawa river and once you’re there you can head over to Ottawa freely if you wish to do so!

Gatineau offers a unique urban vibe featuring a variety of restaurants, nightlife, local homemade products & crafts and microbreweries which are easily accessible by bike or walk due to its intricate paths. Among its other amenities it also features the Casino du Lac-Leamy, the Canadian Museum of History and Les Promenades Gatineau which is a huge newly renovated mall.

Photo Benoit Debaix


Montebello is a city located at the eastern edge of the Outaouais region. It is mostly known for Le Château Montebello which is an extremely popular resort hotel and is the largest structure made out of logs in the world — truly a sight to see even if you aren’t staying there! The resort also has a track record of accommodating geo political leaders such as various American presidents and also played host to the G7 summit in 1981.

Photo by Pascal Bernardon

Away from the resort, and more in the city,  you can also find a whole heap of outdoor activities for all ages with an easily accessible main street which features small boutiques, microbreweries and restaurants. Montebello is also a popular destination for skiing, golf and boating and is also home to Montebello Rock which is an annual rock/metal festival usually featuring some big headliners.

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