Montreal Skyline

This is a time-old question that a lot of foreigners ask Montrealers and we’d figure it’s time to address it. Montreal is a notoriously bilingual city but the majority of signs, directions, and ads for example are all in French. However, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as there are many ways to get around the language barrier if you don’t speak French.

About 65% of Montreal’s population speaks only French but it’s important to note that 60% of Montrealers are bilingual which makes things a lot easier for English-only speakers. As previously mentioned, Montreal is bilingual which means that you will usually be able to get an English version of anything you’re asking for be it at a restaurant or store for example. Having said that, if you’re visiting it wouldn’t hurt if you learned some basic french or just a few words just to make things easier if you had to talk to people.

Montrealers are, for the most part, very friendly people. If people see you are struggling when you’re trying to talk to them they will also try their best to accommodate you in your own language. Montreal being as multicultural as it is, you may even come across people who speak your native language which is always an amazing experience.

Whatever the case may be, the answer is YES, you can absolutely visit Montreal without knowing any French. You will be able to fully enjoy any amenities and activities Montreal may offer!