Emerging Montreal Artist Amelie Simoneau

In today’s feature, we will be presenting an emerging Montreal artist by the name of Amélie or how’s she better known by her pseudonym, Asimo.

Why Asimo, you may be wondering? As Amélie explained to us, it’s actually her initials that stand for As I am + Open to the world we find is a great combination.

For Asimo, painting is her form of meditation; it brings her stability in her life and is a way to express her positivity, emotions and joy into other people’s lives. What’s even more impressive is that Asimo is a self-taught artist, which makes her work come from the heart, making her passion shine through, reflecting in every piece that she creates.

Asimo loves to work with nature, animals, humans and also original ideas. She wants her art to make you feel good, to experience an overwhelming sensation of colours, texture and love. She primarily loves to work with acrylic paint on canvas. Still, she is also open to other mediums when she is feeling inspired to do so.

Asimo’s work is quite limited and tends to sell out very quickly, so if you want to get your hands on some of her art, it’s better to reach out to her directly via private message.

Here is a small sample of Asimo’s work:

You can check out her other work via her Facebook and Instagram here!:

Facebook Page.

Instagram Page.

We hope you get the chance to check out her work, give her a follow and purchase one if you like what you see, as supporting local talent is one of the best ways to keep our communities alive and diverse!