10 Best furniture stores in Montreal

Furniture is an integral component of your home or workplace. Here are the ten best stores to find quality and cost-effective furniture in Montreal!

Best furniture stores in Montreal

High-quality, eco-friendly, and comfortable furniture can improve your lifestyle and give you peace of mind. When you have chosen the best furniture, you can relax at home and maintain your office space.

Montreal has dozens of stores to shop for premium-quality furniture. However, today’s article will list the best furniture stores to ensure you purchase your favorite items at the most affordable price. Read on!

1. Mikaza Home

If you are Canadian, you will love the large selection of Canadian-made products. The store’s professional staff will talk to you about your home, design style, and budget, and they will find the right product for you. It is one of the best and award-winning furniture stores in Montreal, with hundreds of visitors every day. to browse a great selection of trendy furniture made in Canada.

2. Wazo Furniture

Wazo is the newest brand on this list but has quickly made a name thanks to its durable, reliable, and long-lasting furniture. The company sources unique, high-quality products from all over the world to provide its customers with the best experience possible. The company’s products include handcrafted wooden furniture and luxury upholstered beds. In addition, we have patented foam technology and use it to produce premium-quality sofas.

3. Belangermartin

Belangermarin is a one-stop store in Little Italy that features home goods, furniture, and accessories handpicked by Pierre Martin and Christian Belanger, who run the interior design label of the same name. The boutique is a veritable mood board of the team’s favorites, including tall conical candles from Denmark’s Esther and Erik and mushroom-shaped table lamps from Artemide.

4. Beige

Beige is a furniture store founded by Michael Stratulak. Michael wanted to create a concept store in Montreal. He felt that the city lacked an excellent concept store, which is common in large international cities of this size. By relocating the store to create more space and expanding the departments, he offered unique and quality furniture to his customers.

5. Zone Maison

At Zone Maison, the catalog features mid-century, modern, and cottage styles, from understated dining sets to eye-catching armchairs. Don’t miss the kitchen section, which will charm adults like a child’s toy store, or the many eco-friendly products like market emptied bags and beeswax food wrapping paper.

6. VdeV

VdeV was started about ten years ago, in 2012. The founder is Fanny Verniol de Villiers. Like many good fashion stores, furniture, etc., VdeV offers everything you need to make your home interior and furniture more stylish and comfortable. Prices in this store are reasonable, depending on furniture quality,

7. Kastella

If you want to find the best furniture stores in Montreal, you have many good options. Kastella is full of talented designers, artisans, and crafters who create authentic and unique designs for durable and functional products. Kastella’s founding motto was to make quality furniture.

8. Fama Living

If you are looking to buy a sofa, an armchair, or other similar pieces of furniture that will last for a long time and make you stay comfortable, you should check out Fama Living. The store is quite famous and has many branches where you can visit to buy comfortable Fama sofas. With expert advice, you can find the perfect sofa or armchair.

9. Avenue Design

Avenue Design is an interior design firm and furniture store. It caters to a community interested in high-end fashion. Avenue Designs claims that one of the reasons people love and respect them in the design and furniture industry is because they make quality products that provide excellent value to their customers.

10. Structube

Structube aims to impress its clients by supplying premium-quality furniture with modern style and design. The store has an extensive selection of products, yet high-quality items at affordable prices. The store tries to source furniture from around the world in various styles and uses, so you can start updating your home one room at a time with beautiful, functional furniture.

Final Words

Montreal is famous for shops and companies that sell the modern future with sleek designs and shiny/smooth surfaces. You can look for ecofriendly, reliable, lightweight, and durable furniture items in these stores. The purpose is to find items that create an uncluttered look or space in your home or office.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.