Montreal Welcomes Lebanese/American Stand-Up Comedian

Ready to Laugh (Dhak)? Lebanese-American Comedian Comes to Club Soda!

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As recently said:

 Nemr is “A Comedy Superhero… If there’s one comedy show you attend this year, this just might be the one”.

Comedian or Ninja Turtle? These were the life goals of young, Lebanese American, Nemr. And as of this posting, he has achieved at least one of these!

It was growing up in San Diego where he was first introduced to stand up comedy (and probably Ninja Turtles too) and was entranced by his parents’ bursts of laughter watching comedy greats such as Dana Carvey, Steve Martin and Richard Pryor on television. From that time, he was hooked.

The Story of Nemr.

Nemr’s Story

At the age of 11, Nemr returned to Lebanon with his family where his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian never waned, despite the complete lack of a comedy scene in the region.

In fact, Nemr is largely credited with the creation of the comedy scene in the Middle East. Talk about achieving your goals!

At its core, his style of comedy is purely and simply hilarious, which is why his shows have the power to break down barriers and bring people of different cultures together through laughter. Many of his jokes are rooted in Lebanese culture, giving a humorous take the country and its people, but are hilarious and relatable to anyone.


This unstoppable comedian has numerous television credits from major networks in the Middle East, has been featured on CNN and the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine (Middle East), and recently appeared on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”

Nemr’s Cable Special

His recent cable special, “No Bombing in Beirut”, was filmed in both Beirut and Los Angeles. He performed the exact same show, with the exact same jokes, in both countries and had both shows edited together to air as one seamless special. The effect is a truly funny stand up special that’s simultaneously enjoyed by audiences in two very different (or, as the result suggests, similar) parts of the world. Nemr wanted the show to illustrate, through comedy, that we are all one. We are all united. As you laugh along with both audiences, you definitely get that feeling.


If you want to get an idea of just how funny Nemr is, check out No Bombing in Beirut, which is currently available on Showtime across the US, on CraveTV, and on The Movie Network across Canada.

Nemr currently has 7 shows and his latest one, “NEMR: Love isn’t the answer”, is selling out worldwide. It’s the first global comedy tour to sell out from the US to the Middle East.

As recently said, Nemr is “A Comedy Superhero… If there’s one comedy show you attend this year, this just might be the one”.

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