50 KMs Biking Circuit through Nature, Lakes and Rivers

Biking Trails Near Montreal

Out of city Biking experience

You want to go away from all the noise in the city, and you don’t know where to go and enjoy a bike ride in nature, without worrying about biking the same way backwards.

Only 45 Min from Montreal there is a beautiful biking circuit that goes through Bromont, Granby, Yamaska National Park, Warden and Waterloo.

The trail also passes by lack Bovin, Reservoir Choiniere, and Lake Waterloo.

The trail has close to 20 picnic spots, which makes it an even more relaxing bike ride.

Best Part | Trip Advice

The best part of the journey is definitely while biking through the national park of Yamaska.

And as advice you don’t really have to pay to pass through the park, as long as you don’t use the park, meaning you can tell the front desk that you are just heading to waterloo, and you are good to go, no charge.

But please keep your promise, there is nothing cool or smart about abusing peoples kindness or using something you didn’t deserve or pay for.

These national parks strive on the fees that we pay at the door.