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10 best wineries to visit around Montreal

Montreal is widely known for its extraordinary, high-quality wines, so there’s no issue trying to find a great winery here. In fact, we created a list of the 10 best wineries to visit around Montreal, so you will have no problem finding the right winery to suit your requirements.

Montreal is home to many different wineries and if you’re looking for a fun day out, we’ve got the perfect list of 10 that will offer something for everyone. From family-friendly wine tours to more intimate tasting rooms with knowledgeable staff on hand, there’s bound to be one (or two) here that you’ll love! So grab your friends and get ready for an adventure through some of Quebec’s best wines. You won’t regret it.


1. Vignoble Les Vents d’Ange

Vignoble Les Vents d’Ange is very close to the city and you do have a variety of tasting experiences. It’s a family run business, and you will be impressed with the vast selection of wines and incredible taste.

2. Vignoble Pigeon Hill

Vignoble Pigeon Hill is also incredible mainly because it focuses on organic wines. These include Marquette grapes, Frontenac gris and noir. Their wines are packing a great punch, and they do age their wines for a year or more sometimes.

3. Les Vignes des Bacchantes

You’ll like the high quality wines, including a very flavorful pinot noir from the Les Vignes des Bacchantes. The winery itself has been around for 200 years, and it’s known to deliver incredible wines.

4. Vignoble de l’Ardennais

This winery attracts people from all over the region and even other countries for a reason. They deliver aromatic and full-bodied wines that are a pleasure to enjoy at any time. If you want to find the best wines in the region, it’s well worth a visit.

5. Le Vignoble du Ruisseau

You can find Le Vignoble du Ruisseau at 300 meters above the ground, and they use geothermal tech to keep the right temperatures for wines. They do have a systematic grape harvesting system too, which is very interesting.

6. Vignoble de l’Orpailleur

Vignoble de l’Orpailleur is known as one of the pioneers when it comes to wineries in this region. There are more than a dozen wine varieties here and a great food menu. Which means visiting them is a blast.10 best wineries to visit around Montreal

7. Vignoble La Grenouille

Even if this winery has a new owner, what we can say is that they do provide some impressive wines. On top of that, you can sample all their wines and enjoy a great time here.

8. Vignoble de la Bauge

Vignoble de la Bauge has a great wedding venue, you can also enjoy the presence of some farm animals here too. The prices are also not that expensive, and the wines themselves are very good too.

9. Léon Courville

Léon Courville overlooks Lac Brome and it has some amazing views. The vines were planted in 1999, and now the winery has become a major producer in the region. There is a guided tour and wine tasting experience here, which is great.

10. La Belle Alliance

La Belle Alliance has a rich history, an amazing setting and some really good wine too. They do have a variety of wines and the best part is that they focus a lot on minimalist intervention, which is a very refined approach towards cultivating, growing and collecting grapes.

These are the 10 best wineries to visit around Montreal, and we recommend doing so because they all provide incredible wine. You will be amazed with the outstanding quality and the fact that each one of these wineries has a wine tasting experience or even wine tours in some cases!

Montreal is a great place to visit for wine lovers. There are wineries all around the city, each with its own unique atmosphere and style of wines that they offer. Whether you’re looking for an intimate experience or want to go big at one of the most famous places in town, there’s something waiting for you!

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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