10 best yoga studios in Montreal

10 Best Yoga Studios Montreal | Top 10 Yoga Spots in Montreal

Top 10 Yoga Spots in Montreal

Whether you want a quick session or one that is more intensive, there’s an option for everyone!

Yoga can do wonders for your body and mind. It helps you relax, unwind, boost energy levels – all while getting in some good old-fashioned mental clarity! So we put together this list of the 10 best yoga studios Montreal has to offer right now:

1. Ashtanga Yoga Montréal

Ashtanga Yoga Montréal delivers a variety of classes, including virtual classes. The establishment is quite spacey, and they do have pretty much all the equipment and teachers needed for comprehensive Yoga sessions.

2. Zéro Gravité Escalade & Yoga

This place offers a variety of activities, including yoga and climbing. You don’t have to perform both, this can only be a yoga studio if you want. But it’s a nice change of pace when compared to other yoga studios.

3. HappyTree Yoga

At HappyTree Yoga, you get to immerse yourself in a great, transcending yoga experience. It’s a great studio where you can relax and focus on your poses. The location itself and the way everything is organized is incredible.

4. Acroyoga Montréal

At Acroyoga Montréal you get to take classes, enter various workshops and just immerse yourself in the Yoga experience. It’s rewarding and fun, and you will be impressed with its vast range of features. There’s also bike parking, if needed.

5. Yoga Sangha

The location is incredible for yoga, and the studio is very large, properly equipped too. They also have a towel service and shower facilities. The classes are versatile, flexible and also very impressive too.

6. Naada Yoga

Naada Yoga is focused on yoga education with larger groups. With that in mind, there are short and very long yoga programs, beginner and advanced courses. Another thing to note is that you can pick the desired class based on your wishes and expectations.


10 Best Yoga Studios Montreal | Top 10 Yoga Spots in Montreal

7. Luna Yoga

You can find Luna Yoga right in the heart of the old port. The location is great, and they do help you adjust your practice according to your needs. The classes are very well built, and you can easily adapt them to your needs.

8. Enso Yoga

Enso Yoga has a vast range of yoga routines and classes. They are very well equipped and everything is really professional. At the same time, they also offer electronic lockers for your valuables too, which is always a plus.

9. Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga offers a great mood with its flowers and interior design. The staff is friendly, and you do have a variety of classes to choose from. Not only that, but the facility and showers are also really clean too.

10. Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust

Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust offers both in-person and virtual classes. They have short and long-term classes, and the best part is that you will enjoy how clean and tidy everything is. The staff is friendly and professional too.

Montreal has many yoga spots to choose from. Whether you like hot or cold classes, there is a studio for you. There are even some places that offer unlimited access! Here are the top 10 yoga studios in Montreal; all of which have great reviews and offer different types of teaching styles. Get out there and see for yourself what’s available before making your decision on where to take up this healthy lifestyle practice.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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