10 Best Dumplings in Montreal

10 Best Dumplings in Montreal

Are you looking for the best place to enjoy eating dumplings with your family in Montreal? If yes, check this article for the ten best dumplings!

10 Best Dumplings in Montreal

Dumplings in Montreal are the most delicious food to eat with your romantic partner or family in a comfortable atmosphere of the luxury and state-of-the-art restaurants. Nothing is more delightful for locals and tourists to eat these snacks. Today’s article will list Montreal’s ten best places to find and eat dumplings.

1. Aunt Dai

After a fire destroyed its beloved Cote de Neiges neighborhood in 2018, Auntie Dai Restaurant decided to reopen in downtown Montreal, offering much more than just dumplings, even if that is the real reason for your visit. Order the pork dumplings and the braised beef or pork. Aunt Dai is an excellent place for those who want to try the delicious dumplings in Montreal.

2. Fu Chun

Fu Chun is a new dumpling shop that opened in Shaughnessy Village, near west Maisonneuve Street and Concordia University, Montreal’s “second Chinatown” Fu Chun specializes in xiao long bao, commonly called “dumpling soup,” and is available in a variety of flavors with Shanghai-style noodles dishes.

3. Bar Suzzane

Bar Suzzane in the Plateau District has quickly become famous for its design and menu of artful and cocktails local beers, but the dumplings here are no joke. They are the bar snack to end a chic evening, with flavor combinations like rabbit and carrot, beef and lobster, shiitake mushrooms pumpkin at affordable prices.

4. AI Dumplings

Ai Dumpling, NDG’s leading dumpling company, offers every plate in sets of 15, with 22 combinations and variations. With prices ranging from $15 to $20 per person, you can enjoy various dumplings with healthy ingredients. AI Dumplings is the best restaurant in Montreal, with hundreds of visitors every day to relish the mouthwatering food and coffee.

5. Harbin Dumpling

Harbin Dumpling offers plenty of options for Mile End and Plateau residents who are too lazy to go downtown or to Chinatown. These northern Chinese dumplings quickly became popular in Mile End after the first restaurant opened in 2015. A definite recommendation is cilantro, pork, and shrimp plate. The restaurant is popular, so you have to wait for your turn during peak hours.

6. Dynastie

Dynasty is a restaurant famous for its typical Cantonese cuisine that transports you to Hong Kong. It is located in the heart of Chinatown. The menu includes “too much of a good thing,” but the restaurant’s recommendation is the prawn dumplings. They are delicious and worth a try. Dyanastie is the epitome of Montreal’s healthy, delicious, and quality dumplings.

7. Luna

Luna is a charming, bring-your-own-wine restaurant located on Rachel Street East in the Plateau Mont-Royal district. Chef Hyun Seok creates excellent dishes that accurately reflect the gastronomic traditions of Korea and other Asian countries. In particular, the vegetables, kimchi, meat, and salmon dumplings are hearty.

8. Sammi & Soupe

Sammi & Soupe offers a variety of delicious dumplings. You can watch these small items made in the kitchen through the glass windows. These are xiao long bao type dumplings, which means “little oven bags,” and are steamed. There are 10-15 delicious dumplings per person, with several varieties. The indoor atmosphere is cozy enough to enjoy the tasty dumplings without getting bored.

9. Mai Xiang Yuan

Many people visit Mai Xiang Yuan because the place is more often than not crowded! The restaurant is charming, the staff is competent, and they serve the best dumplings in Montreal. You can watch the team preparing the dumplings carefully in the kitchen. There are about 15 dumplings on a plate. Most people prefer the dumplings with beef and onions or those with shrimp, pork, and cilantro.

10. Mademoiselle Dumpling

Choose from Chinese cabbage and pork, cilantro and chicken, cilantro and beef, Chinese mushrooms, vegetable cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and carrots or soy, carrots, tofu, shrimp and ginger cabbage and ginger, and pork. These dumplings are perfect for everyone, including couples, families, and friends. The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and relaxing.

Final Words

Dumplings are healthy and delicious, thanks to the fresh ingredients and soup fillings to satisfy your taste buds. Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada to find world-class restaurants and cafes to enjoy eating dumplings with your families, friends, and loved ones. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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