10 Best bagels in Montreal

10 Best bagels in Montreal

Your trip to Montreal is incomplete without eating bagels in these ten best restaurants or cafes. Here is everything you need to know!

Best bagels in Montreal

Bagels are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It has a slightly sweet and salty flavor. Whether you eat it with lox, butter, or cream cheese, nothing matches the deliciousness of bagels in Montreal.

The city is a paradise for food lovers and offers numerous restaurants and cafes to taste the most delicious bagels. Today’s article will list the best place to find Montreal’s tasty and crispy bagels. Read on!

1. Brossard Bagels

Brossard Bagels is the best bagel spot on Montreal’s south shore, offering locals and visitors top-notch Montreal-style bagels without crossing the river. Brossard Bagels is known for its wide selection of bagels and cozy atmosphere. Brossard Bagels is known for its large selection of bagels and comfortable atmosphere. Here you can also sit down and have a cup of coffee.

2. Hinnawi Bros Café

Hinnawi Bros is a small café located at 3 points in Montreal that offers bagels made with unusual but delicious ingredients such as eggs, filet steak, and smoked beef. They also sell breakfast cakes. We recommend visiting the official website of this café to find other dishes.

3. Real Bagel

Real Bagels is famous for its signature bagels, such as the French Toast Bagel, but it also offers many salads, meat dishes, and sides. There are places to sit and eat and a convenient section to enjoy food and beverages of your choice. The interior is cozy, decorated with soft live music and a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Fairmount Bagels

Fairmount Bagels is another competitor for the best bagels in Montreal. It offers more than a dozen bagels, including mini bagels for those with mini appetites. Fairmount Bagel was the first to go into space when Greg Shamitoff, nephew of owner Mona Shamitoff, brought 18 bagels on a six-month space trip and bagels on a six-month journey.

5. Bagels on Greene

Bagels on Greene offers a wide variety of bagels and a wide selection of plates, sandwiches, and dozens of salads, making it an excellent place for lunch. The menu features delicious fusion dishes such as sweet and sour eggplant, braised Manchurian vegetables, and a vegetarian chicken barbecue salad. Additionally, check out the convenient and healthy bento boxes.

6. St Viateur

Saint-Viateur is perhaps the most famous bagel shop in town, open 24 hours a day, allowing customers to watch the bagel-making process from start to finish. The freshly baked bagels are dense, moist, and hearty. You can also purchase bagels online and ship them from Canada to the United States. Saint-Viateur has a total of seven stores throughout the country. It also has food trucks, allowing people to buy the most delicious bagels.

7. Le Trou Bagels

Le Trou in Griffintown is the newest player on the Montreal bagel scene. Having been open less than a year, the store still sticks to the basics: plain bagels, sesame bagels, Griffintown with Parmesan cheese, and IPA beer. It is also ideally located for a meal before or after a stroll along the canal.

8. District Bagel

District Bagels, a bakery and kosher cafe has been operating in Outremont since 2008. There is no shortage of carbohydrates with eighteen bagel varieties on the menu, bagel sandwiches, bagel pretzels, and various other pastries. The café’s atmosphere is vibrant, soothing, and comfortable, making it the best place to enjoy bagels with your family.

9. Beaubien Bagel

Beaubien Bagels is one of the most visited places in Montreal. The “dark horse” among bagels, Beaubien Bagels, has a large following, especially in the Rosemont-La Petite Patrie area. Combining twelve different bagels and six different sandwiches is a no-brainer choice. You won’t have to wait in line like you would at other places in Montreal.

10. Bagelmania

Bagelmania, located in the northern part of the city, has been an important, if not the only, player in the bagel scene in Laval for about 25 years. Poppy and Sesame seed bagels are traditional items on the menu, but the place is also famous for its coconut bagels with a flavorful and crispy texture.

Final Words

Montreal’s culinary scene has numerous famous food icons, including smoked meat sandwiches, poutine, and bagels. If you are a tourist and haven’t tasted the delicious bagels, we recommend not leaving the city without trying one of these places in Montreal. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.