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Can you go to Montreal without knowing French?

This is a time-old question that a lot of foreigners ask Montrealers and we’d figure it’s time to address it. Montreal is a notoriously bilingual city but the majority of signs, directions, and ads for example are all in French. However, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as there are many ways to get around the […]

5 Best Cities to Visit Near Montreal

Best Cities to Visit Around Montreal While there are many great cities near Montreal that we excluded, we just had to pick our top 5. We hope that this list encourages you to visit one of these beautiful cities if you haven’t already!  Mont-Tremblant Known for being a snow sports haven and for its great […]

10 Inspiring Quotes from Canadian authors

Most Inspirational Quotes From Canadian authors Here are 10 inspiring quotes from some of our favourite Canadian authors with their correlating book. We hope these words move you the same way they moved us and to keep supporting Canadian authors. “There’s something to be said for hunger: at least it lets you know you’re still […]