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This Workshop Will Teach You to CELEBRATE Life

This Workshop Will Teach You to CELEBRATE Life Everyone wants to be happy. But what does happiness really mean? It isn’t unicorns and rainbows. It isn’t fleeting. It isn’t flash-in-the-pan moments. It certainly isn’t things. So what is it? True happiness originates within you and is a beautiful combination of self-acceptance, meaningful pursuits, healthy relationships […]


Lianas Senior Transition Support

SPOTLIGHT: Lianas Senior Transition Support If you have a senior loved one, or if you are a senior yourself, you know that this phase of life has the potential to be a wonderful experience, in many ways. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to be challenging, discouraging, frustrating, even frightening. And when it comes to […]

Love Coach Diana Eskander

  Love Coach Diana Eskander takes a unique and conscious approach to helping her clients create the love they want. Working primarily with single women, Ms Eskander’s message is clear: the love you seek from others, is the love you need to give yourself. This is the foundation to attracting and keeping the kind of […]