Top 5 bubble tea shop 

Best Places To Enjoy Bubble Tea In Montreal

Top 5 bubble tea shop

Bubble tea is one of those drinks that you can’t seem to not hear or see whether in person or on social media. It was originally created in Taiwan and has grown immensely in popularity over the years spreading around the globe.

Evidently, bubble tea is made with, well, tea and but many places offer a large variety of different flavours the bottom is filled with a tapioca ball surprise which has a chewy texture providing a refreshing and unique experience with every cup.

Naturally more and more bubble tea sports have been opening up in Montreal but with so many to chose it’s difficult to really narrow down the best, so keep these locations in mind when you’ve got a hankering for some bubble tea.

Here is a list of Montreal’s best bubble tea shops:

1. Presotea

Presotea is a Taiwanese franchise teahouse that has expanded into Canada with locations in Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. In Montreal, they have 4 different locations making it relatively easy to find one near you. The location on St-Catherine near Concordia is especially popular with good reason.  Presotea and relies on the freshness and healthiness of their products which, provides freshly made bubble teas, fruit teas and slushes to all their customers.


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2. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice 

CoCo, located on Saint-Catherine West, is relatively new to the bubble tea scene in the city but is making a name for itself in the industry. They do things big and sweet, so it is a perfect place for those with a sweet tooth. Their bubble teas are incredibly flavorful with many options of toppings and flavours that there is something for everyone. 


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3. The Alley

Located right next to Concordia University, The Alley is a go-to spot for students looking for quick and high-quality bubble tea. The Alley sets itself apart by making its own tea in-house using homemade sugar cane syrup, its own brand of tapioca and the flexibility of serving drinks hot or cold making it a year-round bubble tea staple.


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4. Shuyi Tealicious

Started in Chengdu, Sichuan, in 2007, they expanded to Canada in 2020 and have not looked back. With 4 locations in Montreal, Shuyi was an instant classic. They have tons of options which can be intimidating for some. Still, they offer the classics to get yourself acquainted if you’ve never had before. Shuyi also has delicious fruit teas, which provide a more authentic and less artificial taste than their competitors.

5. Maison O Thé

Maison O Thé located on Saint Laurent, specializes in their actual tea quality rather than looking flashy loaded with special flavouring. Instead, they rely on simply being the best while providing high-quality tea. This also applies to the tapioca pearls offering a sweet tasty flavour with a fun texture that’s not overly rubbery.

Whether you’re a bubble tea expert or are just looking to try it out for yourself, you have it on good authority that these spots will not let you down!

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Delicious French-Canadian Comfort Food.

Let’s brave the winter together; with future forecasts expecting a colder Winter than usual, we thought a good way to prepare for this would be to bundle up and whip up some Quebecois classic comfort food to keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the entirety of Winter. With Quebec and more specifically Montreal, being such a huge food destination, it’s important to revisit these classics that’ve kept us warm for generations and generations. For many Quebecois these dishes bring back fond childhood memories or are just our guilty pleasures but whatever it may be we can promise that these dishes are as authentic and delicious as they come. Here is MontrealTips’ Top 5 Quebecois Winter Comfort Foods.

  1. Poutine
(Unsplash: Photo by Francisca Alvarez)

We thought we’d start off with an absolute classic, the poutine. Enjoyed across Canada but born in Quebec no list can ever be complete without the mention of poutine. It is the quintessential Quebecois dish as it not only plays on childhood memories but is also an authentic guilty pleasure for most. The ingredients are incredibly simple consisting of gravy, fries and cheese curds. Poutine is also messy by nature but dont let that fool you as it is way too delicious for its own good. While we won’t pick a side on who has the best poutine in Montreal any time soon (because frankly there are too many good choices) we can introduce you to how easy it is to make a homemade version for yourself.

Of course if you are not feeling up to it you can pretty much order or get one basically anywhere but If you’re feeling adventurous you can try your hand at making some at home. The gravy is relatively easy to make (look for an easy recipe online) and the cheese curds are also easy to find. You can actually usually find them at your local Couche Tard, of course you can get some higher quality ones at the grocery store. You can also use some fresh hand cut fries and add additional toppings if you’re feeling up to it and voila, you’ve made one of Quebec’s classic hardy meals!

  1. Pâté Chinois

Which oddly translates to Chinese Pie, is basically Quebec’s version of a shepherds pie. Another staple of the Quebecois diet it mainly consists of layers of mashed potatoes, minced meat, onions and corn. The dish while definitely filling and hardy is again quite simple to make. For many Quebecois this is a classic meal that would be frequently eaten during any time of the year but really hits the spot when Winter is upon us. Finding this in restaurants is harder to find than expected unless you go to a real authentic Quebecois restaurant. However, most of the time this dish was made at home when there weren’t a lot of options left to eat. Due to its simplicity it is frequently enjoyed and relatively easy to make. We challenge you to give it a try and make your own this winter!

(Photo by

  1. Tourtière

My all time personal favorite, tourtière is simply just a Quebecois version of a meat pie. Traditionally, it is made with minced beef or pork and baked with pie crust, an assortment of spices and topped with ketchup just before eating. For many Quebecois, myself included, tourtière is a dish that is often enjoyed during the holidays. Christmas eve is just not the same without my moms tourtière and I’m sure it is the same with many other Quebecois. Each household has their own version of it whether they use different meat, spices or baking techniques, they are always delicious. While this dish takes a bit more effort and love put into it we promise it’s worth the extra work. It truly falls under the comfort food category and will keep you trying different recipes to find the perfect version for you.

(Photo by

  1. Split Pea Soup With Ham Hock

What’s winter comfort food without a sort of hearty soup? When thinking of French-Canadian foods the first two things that come to mind are poutine and smoke meat. While of course they are staples in Quebecois food culture, there’s another dish that stands out to me and that is pea soup with ham hock. This dish comes from the explorers age where food was scarce and you used what you had to stretch your food rations to last you through the winter. This dish can be easily made at home as it’s made from dried beans, mirepoix and ham to give it an extra layer of flavor. It is also relatively easy to make and will keep you warm and filled for hours on end. The dish can be served as a side dish but of course can be used as a main meal.

  1. Fèves Au Lard
Photo by Shawn Lee on Unsplash

Fèves au lard which translates to beans with bacon is another traditional Quebecois dish that has its roots implanted with the initial settlers and explorers of New France. While this dish isn’t anything revolutionary on its own, it’s the Quebecois spin on it that truly makes it great. The addition of maple syrup really brings this dish to the next level and again matches the time frame where it was invented due to the fact that they used what they had access to. It is traditionally served as a breakfast side dish and you’ve probably had an encounter with it if you’ve visited a Sugar Shack at one point in your life. The dish can easily be made a home and of course we suggest you try it out and take your own spin on it to enjoy.

(Photo by

And there you have it, our top 5 Quebecois comfort dishes to get your through this winter. If there’s something that is evident from the list we provided is that Quebecois cuisine doesn’t have to be complicated for it to work. The beauty of it is that they use everyday ingredients and create something great with them. The dishes can easily be adopted for your new home cooking adventures while adding personal touches to make it yours in the end. We hope everyone tries these dishes and to have a happy and safe holiday!

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Looking for a good coffee maker for your home office?

What are the Best Coffee Machines for your home office?

– The Illy X7.1
– Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine
– SharkNinja Hot and Cold Brew System
– KRUPS Grind
– Classic Bialetti Moka Pot

With coffee being the lifeblood of so many offices it has come to our attention that quite a few of us are now missing that great machine that some of our offices used to have. With most of us working from home now, we understand how this has put a damper on all of our coffee dreams. Fear not, as with all things lately we must be prepared to adapt to change and bringing the office home is no exception. We understand that different people enjoy different types of coffee but we did our best to get you something that works for you. We have committed time and effort to our research and personal experiences to come up with a list of great coffee machines that would complete your home office situation and have you starting your day off right.

1. The Illy X7.1

The Illy X7.1: The Illy X7.1 is one of the sharpest looking machines on our list while still delivering a full bodied espresso with every cup. The machine is compact with easy to use features and a Pannarello steam wand that easily froths milk for cappuccinos and lattes. No matter how you like to start your days the Illy X7.1 is a safe bet for a consistently great coffee. (~$325 CAD)

The Illy X7.1 coffee machine for the home office


2. Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

For all of you who love the capsule/pod machines we’ve got you covered. There are a lot to choose from but the Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine really fits the bill in terms of having a home office friendly machine. It is small and compact which makes it a fantastic space saver to easily fit where you need it. It also requires almost zero effort to make and it will consistently make a coffee you are familiar with. Better yet, with the pods, you can mix things up depending on what you feel for on a daily basis. (~ $179 CAD)

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine coffee machine for the home office


3. SharkNinja Hot and Cold Brew System

Easily the most versatile coffee maker on our list the SharkNinja Hot and Cold Brew System really offers a wide array of coffee and tea options. It has 6 different brew sizes and as the name suggests it can do excellent hot or cold brewed coffee and tea. The machine has separate baskets for tea and coffee, a frother and has the ability to make specialty drinks making it incredibly versatile and able to cure any of your different cravings.(~ $257 CAD)

SharkNinja Hot and Cold Brew System


4. KRUPS Grind

If you’re looking for something with a coffee grinder built-in, then the KRUPS Grind and Brew Coffee Maker is your best bet. This machine makes freshly ground coffee that really gets you the freshest tasting coffee possible. Filtered coffee has that tendency of being just right but imagine having even more flavour come through because of the ground beans. It also has a 10 cup capacity and comes with a brew strength selector for those who like to customize their coffee. It also has easy maintenance and a great filter that’s easy to clean making this a very good all-around coffee maker. (~$244 CAD)

KRUPS Grind coffee machine


5. Classic Bialetti Moka Pot

Nothing reminds me more of Sunday mornings at my nonnas than the classic Bialetti Moka Pot. A Italian household staple, this little handy machine is a personal favorite of mine. It is designed to make espresso as the name would suggest but is actually very easy to use and will produce a good coffee every time. It is meant to be used on stove tops but will work on electric stoves just fine. Its ease of use yet still provides a robust flavor with every cup. Pro tip: If you have extra, pour the leftovers in a glass bottle and seal it in the fridge for some iced espresso the following days. (Dont let it sit for too long however!) (~$40 CAD)

Classic Bialetti Moka Pot


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Delivery and Take-out Options in LaSalle, Montreal.

Feature on BDR; A great option for delivery and take-out in Lasalle.

Over the last two months, life as we know it has changed in ways that we could have never imagined before. As the weeks go by, many of us are starting to miss our old habits and the simple joys of life like shopping or going out to our favourite restaurant.

With dining rooms being currently closed due to COVID-19, our eating-out options have become increasingly limited. Luckily, however, many restaurants remain open for delivery and take-out allowing us to continue to enjoy their delicious food from the comforts of our own homes.

If you happen to live in Lasalle or the surrounding areas, a place you might want to discover is Brasserie des Rapides, a family-run restaurant opened since 1990.

For many fellow locals, BDR as you can often hear it being called is practically a landmark in the Lasalle community. Managed by two brothers along with their mother Mama Maria, who’s been cooking in the kitchen ever since it opened offers a sense of family that is unlikely to be found anywhere else.

BDR is currently opened and proposes delivery as well as take-out every day of the week from 11 am to 9 pm. Their delivery zones cover all postal codes starting with H8N, H8R, H8P and H4H.

At this point, you are probably wondering what kind of food BDR offers? Let me start by telling you that your options are far from limited. Think homemade pizzas, marinated chicken wings, juicy burgers, cheesy mac n’ cheese, poutines and so much more!

And if comfort food is not your go-to when ordering out don’t worry! BDR offers many home-style meals like Mama Maria’s lasagna, rotisserie chicken, seafood dishes and BBQ ribs to name a few. Additionally, unlike what most people would think, they also have a few vegetarian options and can accommodate vegan and gluten-free diets as well.

Throughout the week, BDR offers different specials you can enjoy. For example on Mondays, you can order one of their tasty burgers served with fresh hand-cut fries and coleslaw for only 9.95$ and on Tuesdays, you can enjoy 2 for 22$ on some of their pasta. Yet still to this day, one of the fan favourites specials has proven to be on Wednesdays, where you can order chicken wings at only 0.70$ each. Last but not least, if you have a family at home you might not want to miss their Thursday special where you can save 15% off all their jumbo size pizzas!

The best way to order from BDR is by simply calling them up by phone or ordering through their online platform at If it’s your first time ordering from their website, you can save 10% off your order with their coupon code BDR10. You can also find them on Skip the Dishes, however, keep in mind that additional delivery charges are likely to apply.

Despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, BDR managed to stay true to its core values and has been actively giving back to the community. Up until now, they donated more than 100 meals to the Lasalle Hospital as well as raised money for the hospital’s foundation by donating 15% of an entire day’s worth of sales. They also donated an additional 100 meals to the Nazareth & Anne’s house, a non-profit organization that helps men and women who struggle with homelessness, mental issues and drug addictions. 

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Overall BDR proposes many reasons to give them a try. Great menu options, affordable prices, weekly specials and accessible delivery are amongst a few of them. Not to mention their sense of family, their active role in the community and the simple fact of being long-lasting restaurant for now over 30 years.


Farms offering online deliveries in Montreal and surrounding areas

Farms Around Montreal Delivering Produce Online

How to buy food from farms around Montreal?

It is a great alternative than having to wait in line at the grocery store and also a proactive way to not only support your local businesses but also making a conscious effort to socially distancing yourself. Ordering from these farms not only assures you the freshness of the products but also the type of quality you’d expect from one. Different farms specialize in different products so pick one that aligns with your diet choices!

Here is a list of Farms offering online deliveries in Montreal and surrounding areas: 

1. Fermes Valens

Fermes Valens is a farm that started in 1965 and was passed down from generation to generation. They really pride themselves on living a healthy lifestyle which is reflective of the goods they sell. The farm produces a lot of biological and gluten-free options from, grass-fed meats, free-range chicken eggs and gluten-free pasta for example. They have a wide selection of different foods and also has convenient ready to eat options but unfortunately, they do not have fresh fruit or vegetable available at this time. Fermes Valens also has a delivery schedule for Montreal and its surrounding areas but be sure to click their ‘delivery’ tab to make sure they deliver to your area!

If you want to find out more check them out at

Vegetables and Groceries in a bag on a table

2. Potager Mont-Rouge

Potager Mont-Rouge is a family-run farm that really focuses on what is currently in season so you can get the freshest and tastiest produce. However, the opposite of Fermes Valens, Potager-Mount Rouge has a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables but does not have a meat selection. They do however have a great weekly selection in which some specified items go on sale and would be wise to take advantage of this when possible. They also offer a weekly themed basket of fruits and vegetables which can also be an interesting choice! Mont-Rouge, unfortunately, does not deliver to Montreal so be wary.

Check them out:

strawberries in their baskets in a market

3. Le Panier Bleu

To put it simply Le Panier Blue is an initiative from the Quebec government to get us to buy our products locally. Le Panier Bleu actually doesn’t sell anything specific (right now) rather they are a medium in which you can look up what you are looking for and will point you to multiple Quebecois online stores to purchase from. This way, it creates a hub of completely local businesses that when you purchase something you can be sure your money goes to our local entrepreneurs. This list also includes multiple farmers around the region which by putting your address in, you can see the different farms that can deliver to you. Le Panier Bleu really stresses the importance of preemptively reinvesting into our economy to help Quebec’s people and economy get through this, which we think is a great idea. The site is still in its early phases as it plans to expand to be able to directly buy from the site itself so make sure to stay updated, we know we will!

You can find more info at

selection of vegetables

4. Jardin Des Anges

  1. Jardin des Anges is another farm focused on selling and providing organic produce. What is particularly awesome about the farm is that they not only sell their own produce but help support smaller local farmers by selling their farm’s specialties on their site. They also have some different items week per week depending on what’s in season. This farm has the widest variety of products available compared to the rest of the farms on our list. It provides a healthy choice of vegetables, meats, fruits and also has other complimentary products. The site itself is easily navigatable and what we enjoy is that there are filters in which you can easily identify if a product is from their garden, from Quebec, imported or a  Canadian product so you always know where your money is going.

The farm delivers to Montreal and its surrounding areas but be sure to check to see if they can deliver to your specified address first!

Visit them at


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 article to find ways to best use your fresh new produce!