The Master Chocolatiers – Chocolats Favoris

There is chocolate and there is chocolate. Chocolats Favoris are master chocolatiers.

Great Chocolate Since 1979

They started out in 1979 as an artisanal chocolate shop in Lévis, Quebec and a few years later launched what is making them most famous today – ice cream dipped in real homemade chocolate!

The Secret

Their secret chocolate dip recipe is creating lineups all over Quebec. People of all ages line up for it. It’s an explosion of flavors like you have never experienced before.

A wide selection

There is not only one amazing chocolate dip to choose from, but 12! You can even buy the dip in a can and take it home to make chocolate fondue.

Chocolate in Montreal


  • Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Bars

  • Crunchy Treats

  • Coated Delights

  • Fondues

ice cream cone covered with almonds

How does it get even better than this?

How does it get even better than this? They have other amazing chocolate treats you can enjoy or buy as thoughtful gifts such as as boxes of fine chocolate, chocolate almonds, dark chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate pretzels, coated delights and so much more.

Lining up

Once you taste their chocolate and chocolate dipped ice cream you will be lining up for it yourself. It’s no surprise they are opening stores across Canada and will be launching internationally as well.

You can even personalize a chocolate fondue can and give it out as a gift. You choose the chocolate flavor, theme and image and it will be ready in 24 hours to give out as a gift.

Life is short, Chocolats Favoris is something you need to add on your fun list.