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Hiking Spot Close to Montreal | Hiking Mont Sutton | Pictures of Mont Sutton Hike

Montreal Tree colors in spring

Mont Sutton Hiking

There are a lot of hiking spots close to Montreal, and for each a special attribute that makes it different. Mont Sutton is one of my favorites, as it is located on border of the US while still being an hour away from Montreal.

The Mountain is famous for being a ski area in the eastern townships, the mountain also has a terrain park.

The hike is 948 Meters high, and the view from the top is definitely worth it.

Here are some pictures of the mountains.

Mount Sutton Mount Sutton picture from the top Montreal hiking Mount Sutton Mount Sutton hiking Mount Sutton view Picture of Mount Sutton Nature hiking close to montreal Montreal Tree colors in spring How is the weather in montreal in spring Nature in Spring Canada Canada spring wild flowers Nature close to the US border and Canada

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