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Are you looking for a Montreal Based Motivational Speaker for your company or group?

What makes a good Motivational speaker

A motivational speaker is one that inspires and is witty enough to not only make a group feel good, but inspires them to take positive action in their life.

Melissa Dawn Giving a LinkedIn presentation at Medtronc
Melissa Dawn Presenting at Yes Montreal - Canada

Melissa’s Services

  • Business Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Public Speaking

  • LinkedIn Workshops

If you would like to contact Melissa Dawn to obtain more information on her motivational speaking or coaching, you can contact her here.

Crafting genuine, inspiring and (most importantly) fun presentations

Melissa helps guide people to create lives and businesses that are true reflections of themselves. As a motivational speaker, Melissa Dawn crafts genuine, inspiring and (most importantly) fun presentations that help people connect with their hearts and turn inward to discover their true selves. What lies within? Her process begins with an honest look at what is going on inside, then asking a series of powerful questions. The answers to these questions help people propel themselves forward in their personal and professional lives. It is with this deep inner connection of clarity that her audience will identify their authentic selves and their successful pathway that lies ahead in life and business.

Inspired by A Life and Business Academy

Melissa’s “Be True to You” motivational speaking series, which are based on her CEO of Your Life Academy highlights how bringing your true self to all areas of both life and business helps you achieve truly meaningful success.