Best Restaurants in Old Port Montreal

Top Delicious Old Montreal Restaurants You Must Try

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Locals go there

Even locals love a visit to Old Montreal. The historic city is full of sightseeing opportunities, museums, shops and, of course, restaurants! Here are 7 must-try Old Montreal restaurants, ranging from decadent and exclusive, to relaxed and casual.

Best spots to eat in the old port

1. Garde Manger

We’ll start with the obvious. The restaurant every Montrealer has probably tried to get reservations for, and every tourist is disappointed to find they can’t just grab a table at (although they do take reservations up to 30 days in advance).

Garde Manger, owned by Chuck Hughes, has an ever-changing menu that can feature such decadent dishes as lobster poutine, clam risotto, duck with kabocha squash, waffle with foie gras, pork chop with potato salad, cod with borlotti beans, goat cheese bruschetta, hanger steak with corn custard, crab on toast with egg, beef short ribs with spaetzle and more. And if the reviews are to be believed, everything is mouthwateringly amazing!

2. Stash Cafe

Stash Cafe is a true Montreal gem that speaks to the city’s rich immigrant history. Offering traditional Polish fare (and Polish beer!), you are guaranteed to walk (or waddle) away from Stash with a warm and cozy feeling.

The perogies are a must-try, as are the cabbage rolls, sausage stew and just about everything on the menu. And if you see something served “Warsaw style”, that’s with a fried egg on top! Stash Cafe knew about this delicious addition long before the hipsters made it trendy.

Don’t forget to sign the guest book before you leave!

3. Brit & Chips

You simply won’t find better fish and chips anywhere in Montreal. This authentic British fish and chips joint was opened a few years ago by the owners of the renowned Burgundy Lion and is the perfect spot for a hearty lunch and a pint of Burgundy Lion Ale.

You can choose from the many varieties of fish including haddock, cod, sole or the fish of the month. There’s even a gluten free option! You can also get classic British extras like Scotch eggs, a “99” ice cream with Flake, tandoori popcorn shrimp, steak pie or a deep fried “Whatever”.

Brit & Chips is Zagat rated, serves certified sustainable seafood and has been featured on Food Network and You Gotta Eat Here.

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4. Olive et Gourmando

For the many people who work in Old Montreal and the steady stream of tourists looking for a quick (and inexpensive) bite to eat that still lives up to the Montreal reputation of being a place to eat and eat well, you can’t get better than Olive et Gourmando. It is the place for sandwiches and paninis that won’t break the bank.

Choose from a classic grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and house ketchup, a cajun chicken sandwich with homemade guacamole and mango, The Cubain with pancetta, roasted pork and pickle mayonnaise, the vegan chickpea and harissa with pickled beets and minty slaw and many more. 438 928 6766

5. Toqué!

Toqué! has been been around for over 20 years, but was recently named the #1 restaurant in Canada. Yes, that’s right. Number 1 in all of Canada!

Chef and owner, Normand Laprise was a pioneer of what he calls “ingredient driven cuisine”, which centres on strong relationships and collaboration between chef and supplier. Toqué! dishes use products and ingredients from across Quebec and despite its prestige, features a decor that’s more playful than pretentious.

Reservations are a must at Toqué!, and you’ll be treated to such decadent fare as duck magret with jerusalem artichoke chips, suckling pig loin with beluga lentils and apple puree, venison carpaccio with hazelnuts and berry vinegar, a cheese plate that’s to die for and who could pass up aerated andoa noire chocolate ganache or pink pepper meringue for dessert?

6. Modavie

It doesn’t get more “Montreal” than Modavie! This French bistro and wine bar features live jazz every night and a cozy, relaxed vibe that blends perfectly with the sumptuous menu of classic steak frites, duck confit with wild mushroom risotto, mussels and fries, spaghetti bolognese, lamb cavatelli, ratatouille and more.

In addition to its impressive wine list, Modavie also has a tempting cocktail menu and throws one heck of a New Years Eve party. Modavie is the full dining experience. You won’t want to leave!

7. Da Emma

Ever wonder where the stars go when they’re in Montreal? Step one foot into Da Emma’s and you’ll understand why this is the place to be! No, this isn’t some trendy hot spot for the “need to be seen” crowd.

This Italian gem, housed in the basement of what was once Canada’s first women’s prison (don’t worry, the cachet is more historic than ‘Orange is the New Black’), is as cozy and intimate as it gets. Even the entrance is discreet, but the vibe is more private than exclusive.

The old world feel extends to the menu as well. You won’t find the latest culinary trends here. There’s no molecular gastronomy or sous vide cooking. Instead, this is classic Italian cooking at its best. Da Emma has an impressive list of pizzas, pastas and classics like bruschetta and caprese salad.

BONUS: Montreal Poutine

Montreal Poutine serves… poutine! And it’s decent poutine. It doesn’t quite live up to something like La Banquise in the Plateau, but it’s good and classic. So why did it make this list? The terrace!

The outdoor terrace at Montreal Poutine is, in a word, breathtaking. It’s set up in the back courtyard, is enclosed by the old stone exterior walls of the surrounding buildings, has a full outdoor bar and is romantically lit up with string lights in the evening. Although the restaurant is open year round, you’ll want to wait for summer to experience the terrace. And it is definitely worth the wait!

Bon appetit!