Montreal Restaurant Making it Their Mission To Support The Visually Impaired

The Onoir Mission

An culinary experience like no other

Onoir is a culinary experience like no other. Your entire dining experience is in complete darkness! Without your sight, you must rely on your other senses to experience your meal on a whole new level.

Picture of a table for dinner at onoir

Beyond the Darkness: Open Your Eyes to Sightlessness

Impressive Menu

Onoir features an impressive and decadent menu and is on a mission to support the visually impaired and raise awareness about the sightless world.

The Concept

The concept began in Switzerland and has since extended around the world. Montreal’s Onoir restaurant is staffed by 12 visually impaired employees who will take you on a delectable culinary tour. Because, of course, this in Montreal. And dining is ultimately about the amazing food!

The Journey

Your journey of touch, scent and taste will encounter such dishes as salmon filet with coconut milk, rabbit saddle stuffed with poultry, vegetarian stuffed cabbage with chickpeas and eggplant and much more. After your incredible dinner, be sure to sample the profiteroles with homemade nougat ice cream or chocolate mousse with caramelized mango.

Onoir Montreal

Taking things to the next level

Over the years, the Onoir staff has continually taken their menu to the next level and is currently working towards using only local products and moving towards more and more organic ingredients to eventually become 100% organic. They are even looking into starting their own small farm to have more direct control over the quality of their produce.

To bigger venue and bigger things!

Originally located on St-Catherine street, Onoir is now housed on the quaint pedestrian-only Prince Arthur street in the Plateau. They have a spacious 2-room venue that can accomodate groups, large and small, and a large terrace for the summer months.

How is Onoir helping out?

Onoir donates a portion of profits to several organizations and continues working with MIRA and Horizon Travail through different events (An organization that helps people with disabilities find meaningful and rewarding employment). Onoir’s greatest dream is to help technology advance to the point that one day, their staff could also see.