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Taking your yoga practice to the next level

When you think about taking your yoga practice to the next level, what comes to mind?

Is it increasing your range or flexibility?

Mastering a new style?

Strengthening your core?

Or maybe improving your focus and breathing!

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Have you ever considered using your yoga practice to generate good karma?

YogaTribes is here to help you take your yoga practice to a level in a way you may never have considered before. By helping support your instructors and strengthen the community!

Here’s how:

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How does YogaTribes Work?

YogaTribes hosts a directory of all the yoga classes happening in your area so that you can browse through everything that’s available from one convenient place. You may even discover a class, instructor or studio near your home, school or workplace that you never knew about!

When you find a class you want to join or try out, book it directly through YogaTribes.

Yoga instructors receive a small commision whenever classes are booked through YogaTribes, so just by choosing them to register through, you help your instructors increase their revenues, so that they can continue practicing their passion and helping others improve their lives through yoga.

When instructors succeed, studios succeed and your local yoga community is strengthened and better sustained.

Classes on YogaTribes are priced exactly the same as anywhere else, so you don’t pay any extra for using them as your booking portal, but you do help create a strong, vibrant yoga community!

Supporting the Passion

It’s About Passion

Let’s face it. Nobody teaches yoga for the money. It’s almost always about passion, a strong belief in the benefits of yoga, and a desire to help others be better in mind, body and spirit through discovering and mastering yoga techniques and styles.

In fact, many yoga instructors work a second job to make ends meet and some end up having to abandon teaching in order to make a living.

When you choose YogaTribes, you’re choosing to help support someone else’s passion so that they, in turn, can support others in achieving their health and wellness goals.

If that doesn’t generate some solid karma, we don’t know what will!

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How to join the tribe:

How to join the tribe

You can currently book some classes at, but they are still in the process of adding more classes, studios and instructors and raising awareness.

The official launch is set for this spring and you will also be able to check them out at Expo Yoga, February 10-11, where they will be presenting renowned yogi, Elena Brower’s, MasterClass in a Sound Off format.

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