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Concordia University is now offering a WordPress course and we couldn’t be more excited. | Opinion


WordPress is one of the most versatile website creation and hosting platforms. If you want to publish a basic blog using a template, you can just start doing that. No course needed.

But if you want to do crazy things like use a custom template, add surveys, collect visitor information, sell stuff, include videos and photo galleries, add interactive elements… well, you can do some incredible stuff with WordPress, but there is a learning curve.

Montreal WordPress Course | WordPress Concordia University Cont'd

A course for everyone

Whether or not you want a career in website creation, Content Management With WordPress (CEWD 419) should be a requirement for everyone.

If you want to work in virtually any type of business, whether you’re involved in managing or creating site content or not, you absolutely must have a basic understanding of what goes into creating a website. Gone are the days when you can sit in a conference room with a blank stare while “the techies” are talking. You need to know what they’re talking about!

Course Learnings

  • Install and run WordPress

  • Build beautiful, accessible websites that people of almost any ability can manage

  • Use HTML and CSS to design more responsive, interactive websites

  • Build a WordPress theme from scratch

  • Add images and tags to create a more interesting user experience

  • Keep WordPress sites secure using best practices and plug-ins

valuable addition to any profession

And if you’re already in the workforce and want to take your career further, get some knowledge!

You can’t work in marketing and not know what a website is, and is not, capable of.

You can’t work in finance and have no understanding of the resources required to build and maintain a web presence (do you really want to be the person that approved the contractor charging 5 times what a site was worth?).

A graphic designer must have an understanding of how their designs will translate onscreen.

And to be a successful entrepreneur it pays, big time, to be able to at least manage, if not create, your own website.

The future is here, folks. And WordPress is the platform of choice for a lot of it. Isn’t it time you caught up?
Images source: Instagram: @taou & @mtltips & unsplash.com
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