This Year at Jazz Fest: The Return of Stephane Moraille

A blast from the past.

Anyone else feel like the 90’s happened just ten years ago? Well here’s a wakeup call for you… Bran Van 3000’s breakout hit (and cruisin’ tune for any 90’s teen with a driver’s licence and access to a car), Drinking in L.A., was released in 1997… 21 years ago!

The Transformation

A lot can happen in over two decades. Including an entire law career.

Former Bran Van 3000 member, Stephane Moraille, has made an exciting return to the music scene with her powerful solo album, Daïva, and she’ll be performing two free shows on July 4 at the Jazz Festival!

where has she been

If you’re wondering where she’s been all this time, Stephane answered that in a recent interview with CBC. Turns out she’s been practicing entertainment law and singing her heart out in her kitchen.

After being invited to record an anniversary edition of her former band’s hit song, she was once again bitten by the performing bug. Stephane was coaxed to write and record another album. What ensued is a heartfelt and honest recording brimming with soul and poetry. 

Beyond music

What comes through on Daïva is pure poetry. Poetry with an infectious beat and soulful voice that’ll put a smile on your face and in your heart. But this album is more than just great music. There’s a deeply personal story behind the album. In particular, the song Reckoning, which is Stephane’s own voice in the #MeToo movement and something of an anthem for survivors and those who feel it truly is time for a reckoning. Far from a melancholy ballad, there’s a power behind Reckoning that draws you into Stephane’s awesome strength. “Anthem” is definitely the right word for it.

Listen to Stephane’s music

Want to catch Stephane’s Jazz Fest shows? She’ll be performing July 4 at 8pm and 10pm. Get there details here.

And if you’re looking for the album of the summer, Daïva is now available from iTunes and through Spotify. You’re welcome.

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