Camino de Santiago Acrylic Paintings

The Camino in Colour | Local Montreal Artist Painting for a cause

The Camino de Santiago in Paintings

When Montreal Tips founder, Tarek Riman, first embarked on The Camino de Santiago, one of the things that struck him was the sheer beauty of the trek, the countryside, the expansive night skies and even the timeless milestone markers, followed by generations of pilgrims throughout history. There was something about sharing such a journey with all those who had come before, those who would venture in the future, and those whose feet were connecting with the trail in the present moment that was both humbling and exhilarating.

Camino De Santiago Paintings
The Camino in Colour

The Camino Within Art Project

But, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Once all that could be said was said, Tarek was inspired to share his experience in another way: through painting.

The Camino Within Art Project is the ongoing result of that inspiration. Each painting is inspired by a different chapter of The Camino Within, bringing to life the unique land and skyscapes of this historic, soul-stirring journey of body, mind and spirit.

Supporting a great cause through art

Tarek has embarked on this latest journey in partnership with Lakeshore General Hospital to raise funds for the hospital foundation. $20 from every painting sold will go directly to the foundation, which aims to help support and advance patient care at the hospital.

We work best together

As Tarek came to realize on The Camino, we all work best when we can work together, supporting and lifting each other up, using our unique strengths to help others, and accepting their help when we find ourselves struggling along the way. Supporting organizations like the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation is just one of the ways we can help others move through the hurdles and challenges of their journeys.

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