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Game faces on, kids (of all ages)! It’s getting chilly out there, but you don’t have to barricade yourself in your home with that jigsaw puzzle or hours-long round of Monopoly.

No no… you can barricade yourself inside Café La Récréation instead! After all, there’s no rule that says board games have to be “stay in” activities.

Cafe La Recreation

Where is La Récréation Located?

La Récréation, located near the corner of St. Denis and Ontario, has been welcoming gamers for over ten years. With more than 450 games to choose from and a cozy atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon or chilly evening.

You can go for a casual day or evening of game playing, or attend one of the cafés events. Either way, it’s something different and it’s really fun.

What events can you expect at La Récréation?

Game Meetings

Sunday at Noon or Fridays at 6:00 PM, you can join Récréation’s game meetings, which is less like a meeting and more like a structured party. Come on your own or with a group and the evening’s Game Host will hook you up with an awesome game, fellow gamers, and explain the rules.

It’s a lot of fun, but also a great way to learn new games. If you think you’ve seen it all in your game playing life, you have not. Just check out the games list. There’s a massive world of games to discover!

Mercredis Mélanjoueurs

The Friday events see a lot of couples and friend groups coming to play. But, sometimes it’s nice to meet new people, especially in a relaxed setting with a bit of friendly competition to help break the ice and keep the conversation flowing.

The whole idea behind these Wednesday evening events is to mix and mingle, while playing. You can still bring a friend or partner, but prepare to be split up!

2 guys playing Card Board game

The Café

La Récréation is primarily about games, but it is also a full service café, serving a variety of coffees and teas, including mochaccinos, matcha lattes, hot chocolate and more. They have cold beverages, smoothies, kombucha and kid friendly drinks as well, and also alcoholic drinks service, including a selection of beer, wine and cider. Note that alcoholic beverages can only be served with a meal.

The café serves the perfect game playing foods as well, featuring an assortment of sandwiches, platters, snacks and treats. You can get a baguette topped with chorizo, bocconcini, sundried tomatoes and pesto, or a simple toast with peanut butter (yes, it’s that kid friendly… though not allergy friendly).

Tea being served with a white kettle

The Cost

The Game Meetings and Mercredis Mélanjoueurs events are $7, which includes your game playing, one free nonalcoholic beverage and the benefit of a Game Host whose role is to arrange teams and explain rules.

During the day, you can play an unlimited number of games for a small $3 cover charge.

Food and beverages are extra, but extremely well priced.

La Récréation is just a lot of fun. It’s something different from the usual movie night or bar scene, it’s less extreme than paintball, it’s a twist on family game night, and it’s a surprisingly good date night idea. What better way to get to know someone that to see how they handle getting creamed in a game of Risk, or kicking your butt in a round of Pente or Hungry, Hungry Hippos ;-)

Check out Café La Récréation here. Enjoy!

Tarek Riman

Tarek Riman

Founder | Marketer | Speaker | Best Selling Author | University Instructor

Tarek Riman

Founder | Marketer | Speaker | Best Selling Author | University Instructor

As Founder of Cap.TaiM, a full-service digital marketing agency, I have worked with 100+ agencies, SMBs and Fortune 500s. I hold 30+ certifications in digital marketing including AdWords, Analytics, Bing, Hubspot, Woorank, Facebook & Hootsuite.

With a passion for exploration and sharing new discoveries, I also founded, with proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency, Montreal Children’s Hospital and other causes. I am also involved with NGOs & charities in Canada & worldwide.

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