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A joyful experience for both the giver and the receiver

Gift-giving is meant to be a joyful experience for both the giver and the receiver. It’s about showing someone that their experience of life matters to you.

It’s one of the reasons experience gifts (as opposed to tangible gifts) can be so impactful.

Experience Over Things

Study after study shows that we create more happiness in our lives when we invest our resources (time, energy, money, etc) into experiences versus things. Yet, very few of us are actually doing that. For most of us, we get caught up in our to-do lists, responsibilities and all the busyness of life, and fail to prioritize time spent on joyful pursuits and expanding our experience of life.

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WishBox - A New Way of Gifting | Montreal Entrepreneur Feature

Stuff And Stress

Studies also show that excess stuff, especially clutter, can have a negative impact on our happiness, mental health and overall well being. As gift-givers, do we really want to add to that?

The Perfect Gift

When you give someone an experience, rather than a thing, you give them the opportunity to enrich their life and bring in more joy, fulfillment and meaning. You’re helping them expand their horizons and take on new perspectives.

Something like a brewery tour, lightsaber training, spa treatments, luxury salon sessions, theatre tickets, a fitness class, a helicopter ride or horseback riding can really help someone break out of their comfort zone or experience the joys of self care.

Very few people would buy themselves an MMA lesson with a world champion, but plenty of people would be really fired up about getting one as a gift!


WishBox is a Montreal-based company that makes gifting experiences easier, because you also give the gift of choice.

Instead of giving someone tickets to a specific show on a specific night, or a gift card that can only be used in one place, WishBox lets you send someone a selection of experiences to choose from.

They have a variety of packages you can select, or you can build your own WishBox of customized options. You choose the amount you want to spend and WishBox finds the experiences you can offer with that amount.

It also takes some of the stress out of gift giving since the person receiving the gift gets to choose what they like best.


When we first discovered WishBox, we were pretty impressed by the concept. Then we started looking through the different experiences you can give and… WOW! We had no idea some of these experiences even existed in Montreal! It really got us excited about trying new things in our own backyard.

We quickly realized that WishBox is doing something beyond providing a truly exciting gift-giving option. They’re also supporting incredible local businesses by helping them get greater exposure. Did you know you could spend an afternoon in a flight simulator? We didn’t, but we do now!

Gift Wrapped

You can send a WishBox gift by email or physical mail. If you choose physical mail, you can choose to send an envelope or a large gift box if you want to keep that fun unwrapping experience.

Ready to Up Your Gifting Game? Check out WishBox.gift and prepare to become a master of exciting gift giving.

Tarek Riman

Tarek Riman

Founder | Marketer | Speaker | Best Selling Author | University Instructor

Tarek Riman

Founder | Marketer | Speaker | Best Selling Author | University Instructor

As Founder of Cap.TaiM, a full-service digital marketing agency, I have worked with 100+ agencies, SMBs and Fortune 500s. I hold 30+ certifications in digital marketing including AdWords, Analytics, Bing, Hubspot, Woorank, Facebook & Hootsuite.

With a passion for exploration and sharing new discoveries, I also founded Montrealtips.com, with proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency, Montreal Children’s Hospital and other causes. I am also involved with NGOs & charities in Canada & worldwide.

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