Best Fat Bikes for Canadian Winter

Best Fat Bikes for Canadian Winter

Top 5 Fat Bikes to Use in Winter

Fat biking is a popular biking style that combines the aesthetic and construction features of a mountain bike. However, the primary distinguishing feature is “fat” tires, which are 3.5 to 5.0 inches wide.

Fat bikes became popular in the early 80s because they allowed people to achieve reliable riding or transportation in heavy snow seasons. There is plenty of snow in Montreal during the winter season, with an average of 82.5 inches or 209cm snowfall.

That’s why people look for sturdy fat bikes with reliable features to grip the snow. Not only are fat bikes best for during the snowfall, but they also give a sense of adventure to the rider. The large tires offer more control and increased balance.

Besides, you can ride a fat bike anywhere, including in the snow, sandy, rocky shorelines, and muddy backwoods trails.

The question is: What are the best fat bikes for Canadian winter? We have selected a few products based on our research and personal experience. Read on!

Mongoose Men’s Dolomite 26 inch “Fat Tire” Bicycle

Mongoose Men’s Dolomite is first on our list of the best bikes for Canadian winter. It is a high-quality bike with 26 inches tires designed for all terrains, including snow. It comes with seven speeds, allowing the rider to climb the hill quickly.

Likewise, it is equipped with twist shifters, making it easy for the rider to change the gears smoothly and achieve a reliable ride during the snow. Mongoose fat bike has lightweight alloy rims with sturdy construction that ensures a comfortable and safe ride.

Mongoose fat bike is an aesthetically pleasing product with a frame made of steel. It also has disc-type brakes, and the total weight of the bike is 52 pounds. Overall, it is a perfect bicycle for biking enthusiasts in Montreal.

Hardtail Mountain 24 inch “Fat Tires” Road Bicycle

As the name indicates, Hardtail Mountain is an adventurous bike with a unique and ergonomic design, allowing the rider to ride smoothly in the snowfall without any risks. The bike has an adjustable handlebar and saddle.

It has lightweight alloy rims with tread tires. You can choose the on-road and off-road cycling modes based on your requirements. The frame design is ergonomic, compact, and sturdy, made of superior-quality aluminum alloy material.

There are disc-style rotors in the front and rear brakes, allowing for more control and grip. The sporty bike comes in different colors, including black-blue, black-yellow, and black-red. It can bear a weight of up to 120 kg.

WPNF 26 inch Fat Snow Bike

WPNF is one of the best fat bikes for Canadian winter with more safety features. The 26 inches fat bike is explicitly designed for snow, meaning you can achieve higher comfort levels while riding the bike in Montreal’s heavy snow.

WPNF bike’s frame is made of high-carbon steel material that offers more weight-bearing, increased control, and comfort. The 7-speed and 21-speed features allow for a more personalized biking experience during the winter, leading to comfort and reliability.

The bike has a front fork with excellent speed control and shock-absorbing features, making it easy for the rider to avoid bumps and resistance to impact. In addition, the WPNF bike’s double suspension system allows for adjustability based on your height, leading to more control, comfort, and safety.

It is equipped with a cutting-edge double disc brake system to ensure more safety for the rider during heavy snow. Not only is the product suitable for snowy conditions, but it is also perfect for smooth riding in different terrains.

Sheng Milo 26 Inch “Fat Tire” Electric Bike

Sheng Milo is a famous brand in Montreal, Canada. Its products are suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, allowing them to have a more personalized, safe, and secure riding experience. It is an electric bike with a frame made of quality Aluminium material that can manage a weight of up to 180kg.

The brake system comes with hydraulic features, allowing the rider to make a comfortable and safe trip throughout Montreal, whether it is raining or snowing. Besides, the bike has durable, smooth, and sturdy 26 inches tires that offer stable rides in different winter weather conditions.

Moreover, it comes with a powerful brushless motor with a power capacity of 1,000 watts, allowing you to achieve a maximum speed of 40 km/h. It has a powerful battery with up to 1,000 recharge cycles—the battery charges to its full capacity within six hours. The three working modes: pedal assist, fully electric, and manual mode, allow for more customization.

Final Words

Fat bikes are robust, sturdy, and comfortable bicycles for Montreal’s snowy conditions, allowing you to achieve your riding, transformation, or adventure goals. We have chosen these products based on quality, design, long lifespan, safety features, and affordability.

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