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Best Hiking Equipment for Canadian winter

Best Hiking Equipment for Canadian winter

Montreal’s citizens are fortunate when it comes to hiking because they benefit from the cold weather to hike at any time of the day. On the other hand, places with warmer climates allow people to hike in the early mornings. So, heading toward the hiking trains in harsh Canadian winter creates its own magic and adventure.

You need quality equipment for more comfortable hiking in the winter season. It is wise to invest in a headband, neck gaiter, leg gaiters, polarized sunglasses, crampons, trekking poles, and warm/comfy clothing. So, if you are a hiking enthusiast in Montreal and looking for the best hiking equipment for Canadian Winter, you are in the right place. Read on!

Energetic Sky Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons

Energetic Sky is a reputable brand that manufactures different hiking equipment. Energetic Sky’s Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons are made of superior-quality stainless steel material, allowing for more controlled traction in snow conditions.

Not only does the product ensure durability and comfort, but it also ensures firmness and safety, thanks to the welding chain. The product is specifically designed for falls, slips, and injuries prevention, ensuring backpackers, trekkers, and hikers enjoy their wintery experience.

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

TheFitLife Nordic trekking poles allow you to walk with your rhythm, leading to more stability and reducing the risk of strains on your joints on snowy terrain. It comes with various features, including shock absorption that allows you to brace for impact accurately.

Besides, it has long and comfortable handles made of EVA foam. The handles are equipped with soft straps, ensuring comfort and moisture absorption. The superior-quality aluminum construction allows you to use the product for a long time, even on rough terrains, without any risks of damages.

Trekology Trek-Z Trekking Hiking Poles

Trekology is a famous brand among Canadians. The Trek-Z trekking poles have an innovative design that helps prevent the risk of injuries and supports your weight throughout the hiking journey. The product is suitable for hiking on all kinds of terrains.

Not only does the poles allow for a comfortable walk, but it also absorbs moisture from your hands or gloves, thanks to the cork grip wicks. The superior-quality aluminum construction makes these hiking poles durable, compact, sturdy, and ergonomic for hikers.

Ice Sea 4-Teeth Walk Traction Cleats Crampons

Ice Sea 4-teeth traction crampons are a durable product with a highly elastic strap that fits different shoe sizes. The quality and sturdy material used in construction, lightweight traction cleats, and ergonomics make this product one of the best hiking equipment for Canadian winters.

In addition, the 4-teeth walk traction provides you with controlled traction on snow, ice, and other rough terrains, preventing the risk of falls, slips, and injuries. Thus, you can ensure smooth, reliable, comfortable, and safe hiking.

Kekilo Crampons Ice Cleats Grippers

Kekilo is another reputable brand that manufactures the best hiking equipment for Canadian Winter. Kekilo crampons have a high-quality and durable construction with stainless steel and rubber cleats.

The manufacturer has used TPE rubber with a thickness of 5mm to make the cover, making the product elastic and less prone to breakage and tear. Unlike other products, Kekilo crampons have 19 teeth that provide you with better traction on ice and avoid the risk of falls, slips, and injuries.

Energetic Sky Ice Cleats Spikes Crampons

Energetic Sky’s ice cleats spikes crampons are made of stainless steel material. The product has a unique design with 12 spikes, making it easy to put and offering better traction on ice. The manufacturer has strategically placed the spikes to ensure the product distributes your weight evenly and equally.

Thus, it leads to increased comfort and reduced risk of injuries. Moreover, the cover is made of silicone material, making it elastic and less prone to damages. Energetic Sky’s ice cleats spikes crampons are the best hiking equipment for Canadian winter, thanks to the innovative design, sturdy construction, and strategic placement of spikes.

Lixada Unisex Snowproof Outdoor Hiking Gaiters

Lixada Unisex snowproof hiking gaiters are a perfect product for Montreal’s hikers, backpackers, and trekkers, leading to increased comfort and reliability. The manufacturer has used industrial-grade polyester pongee material, making these gaiters less prone to wear and tear and highly breathable.

Besides, the leg guard is waterproof and snowproof, preventing wind, water, dirt, dust, debris, and snow from damaging it. In addition, it comes with an adjustable elastic band that aligns with different boot sizes, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and injuries. Thus, it is the best hiking equipment for Canadian winter.

Final Words

Although there are different tools, accessories, gears, and equipment used for hiking, you can’t hike or trek rugged terrains in Montreal during the winter without the ones given above. Not only are these products reliable and comfortable, but they are also affordable enough that they won’t break the bank.

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