10 Best Sports Bars Montreal

10 Best Sports Bars Montreal

Montreal is one of the cities in the world where sports are highly valued. It feels great to get that big ticket for the next sporting event. You can even get the front seat for a better experience.

But what if you can’t make it to the ticket booth on time? Well, don’t worry, you can always find a seat in any of the many sports bars in the city.10 Best Sports Bars Montreal

It is never easy to get that ticket. So, you should be looking for the best sports bar where the action feels so live.

But there are just too many options. That leaves many to wonder which ones are the best. Some places are just a pub or dive bars. Some come with taps pouring out the best beer. And there are some from where you get the taste of the best burgers and fulfilling good food.

In this guide, we shall introduce you to the best ten of these sports.

1. Champs Bar & Restaurant

Visit the Champs for an exclusive sporting experience. This place creates the most amazing local and old-school sports bar charm for locals and visitors. It’s located in the famous Saint-Laurent strip and is usually much occupied. Find the best sport and you will enjoy all your favorite games the whole night.

2. Ziggy’s Pub

Montreal’s Crescent Street is a popular spot for many tourists. At the center of it is Ziggy’s Pub, a place that brings out the best of that nightlife. As far as sports is concerned, this pub creates the most amazing atmosphere. There is nothing special about the place, only that it offers cheap beer and a huge space.

3. Bruno Sports Bar

Bruno Sports Bar has gone to the extremes of even sport to bring you the best action. This is an easy-going joint with friendly staff and walls loaded with TVs. There is a cast of lovable local rogues that always come here to cheer their teams.

Bruno Bar offers incredible food too. They serve sandwiches, but you can bring in your food from outside. Get the best betting spot at this bar today.

4. Café Italia

We are looking at sports bars and not cafes on this list. This makes Café Italia an odd one out. It does not pack any beers, nachos, or gimmicky deals. However, it serves the best expressos, authentic décor, and a faithful spot for soccer lovers.

We chose to add it here because it’s the perfect spot for those who want to avoid alcohol and the noisy bars. Its festive atmosphere lets you watch your games in peace.

5. McLean’s Pub

Another great sports bar in Montreal is McLean’s Pub. It’s more of a pub than a sports bar, but it’s committed to showing all the top games around. It’s also a better choice for those who need a calmer place.

6. Ping Pong Club

If you don’t fancy the traditional sports bar, Ping Pong Club should be a perfect alternative. It’s a trendy Mile End Bar that allows you to catch all the action in a more convenient manner.   The friendly staff serves a respectable pub menu. The place has a variety of games, including foosball, shuffleboard, Jenga sets, and ping pong tables. You don’t just watch games here, you play them.

7. Chez Subban  (Chez Serge)

Chez Subban, formerly known as Chez Serge is an attractive place for young under-30s. It’s one of the most notorious bars in Montreal. Enjoy the equivalent of a disco ball as it flashes across the bar. Watch your favourite sporting games on the giant TV screens on its walls.

8. La Cage

When the game starts, you need a convenient location for the best view. And that would be La Cage. It’s always loud and rowdy, especially when the Habs are in the action. But it’s generally a great sports bar.

9. Burgundy Lion

Montreal is a French city where Burgundy Lion has created a perfect scent for sports lovers. It has grown into the ambassador for modern Anglo cuisine. In addition, they have set themselves aside as a one-stop solution for all the sporting action.

You can enjoy a wide range of games. They have even launched their golf and soccer tournaments to support charities.

10. Bar Courcelle

When the Habs are playing, Bar Courcelle will be open for all sports fans. It’s smaller inside, compared to the others on this list, so, consider calling ahead. It’s most packed on many occasions.


There are many other sports bars in Montreal. We thought these 10 has everything you need to make your evening. Let us know what you think.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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