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Date Spots in Quebec City

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for the best date spots in Quebec City. Here is the list of the most romantic date spots!

Best Date Spots in Quebec City

Date allows you to find out about each other and determine whether you are the right fit to spend time together or get engaged/married. Quebec City is romantic by nature. Its streets, squares, and corners invite you to take walks holding hands and chat nearby.

Each space is a perfect setting for the souvenir photo. The city has areas and experiences that are especially attractive for couples and people looking for a successful date. Here are the best date spots in Quebec City. Read on!

Quartier Petit Champlain

It is one of the most traditional neighborhoods in the city, with streets that go back to an old French town. You can stroll, shop, and dine in one of its many restaurants with an excellent culinary proposal. All the establishments there are not very large spaces, so you will find them cozy and romantic.

Saint Lawrence River

Boat on the Saint Lawrence River. The views from this river, the undisputed protagonist of the history, culture, and tradition of the entire Province of Quebec, are incredible.

Several companies offer various tour services, from traditional day trips to what we think is perfect for an evening out with your date. The tours take place at night, with a show and some dishes. On specific dates, it is also possible to admire fireworks (pyrotechnics), and afterward, there is a DJ and more fun on board.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is the most photographed hotel in Quebec City. Breakfast at this hotel is served on the ground floor, with large windows facing the beautiful Dufferin Terrace. You can complement the experience with a dinner at its Le Champlain restaurant, with extraordinary cuisine and seductive views of the San Lorenzo River.

Parc du Bastion-de-la-Reine

A picnic in Parc du Bastion-de-la-Reine is the best way to impress your potential girlfriend or boyfriend. For sure the best place to have a picnic in summer. With a perfect view of the city and the Saint Lawrence River, you can relish the natural beauty and spend quality time.

If you are wondering where to buy everything for your “country day” in the city, we tell you that you can go to the Old Port of Quebec, where you will find freshly baked bread, wine from the region, fruits, vegetables, sweets, and everything you need for a delicious meal as a couple and outdoors.

Old Quebec

Old Quebec will entertain and surprise you and your date. It is the birthplace of French America and the only fortified city in Canada. Walk its cobblestone streets and immerse yourself in the city’s historical past and magnificent heritage.

In addition, it is festive, cozy, and surprisingly safe. Enjoy a glass of wine and candlelit French cuisine at one of the many restaurants in Old Quebec. Finish your meal with a maple syrup pie or other sweet treats, and take a stroll through the surrounding streets to admire the city lights to make the most out of your date.

The Chocolate Museum

The Museum boasts the history of chocolate from the Mayan civilization to today. More than 200 exhibits from Europe and the Caribbean are on display. After visiting the Chocolate Museum, you and your dating partner can warm up with delicious hot chocolate and sweets at the adjacent boutique.

Five thousand years of the world’s chocolate culture are featured, making it one of the most visited museums in the city. Learn more about the world of cacao and chocolate production. So, if you are looking for a unique and enjoyable date to impress your potential partner, visiting the Chocolate Museum is the best thing to do in Quebec City.

Final Words

There are several ways to have a perfect date in Quebec. Staying at the Hotel de Glace, dog sledding, taking advantage of activities in the snow, indulging in Siberia Station Spa, and relishing many other places.

Imagine yourself submerged in warm water as the snow falls around you, surrounded by unique landscapes. However, these are the best spots or things to do in Quebec for people looking to have a perfect date. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
Top 10 wellness companies in Montreal

Are you looking for the best wellness company in Montreal? Here is a list of the top ten companies to choose from to improve your health!

Top 10 wellness companies in Montreal

Wellness companies in Montreal support individuals and businesses in improving their overall wellbeing. Most organizations hire wellness services to enhance their employees’ wellbeing because it directly increases their productivity and boosts their overall ROIs. So, if you are looking for the best wellness company in Montreal, here is a list of the top ten wellness/health services. Read on!

1. TELUS Health

TELUS Health is one of the best wellness companies in Montreal, offering fitness programs for individuals and businesses. The company delivers ergonomic training sessions via webinars, allowing individuals and groups to improve their wellbeing. The virtual wellness training focuses on exercises, healthy diets, and other innovative ways to improve physical and mental health.

2. Fair Stone

Fair Stone has quickly gained popularity in recent years, thanks to wellness consultancy programs for businesses. The ongoing administration of health and wellness programs has helped businesses develop a culture of wellbeing in their organizations. Not only does Fair Stone offers internal and external support, but they also have streamlined communication channels to optimize their programs.

3. Sun Life

Sun Life is a health and wellness company for the corporate sector. The primary goal of this company is to encourage business leaders to focus on their employees’ health that will improve their productivity and set the company in the right direction. In addition, Sun Life also helps individuals improve their lives.

4. Sleep Country

As the name indicates, Sleep Country is a company that offers mental health consultation services. Thanks to experienced mental health coaches and mentors, individuals and businesses can access innovative and tailored programs to improve their mental health, promote a good night’s sleep, and prevent other psychological issues. Sleep Country also helps and supports people with disabilities.

5. Dialogue

Dialogue is a telemedicine company that offers innovative solutions to health organizations across Canada. The Montreal-based company aims to bring efficiency and increase hospitals’ revenues. The company provides state-of-the-art telemedicine solutions for health organizations and patients to access and communicate with qualified doctors from the comfort of their homes.

6. Lift Session

LIFT Sessions is a digital fitness and wellness company in Montreal. It is a highly reliable platform, offering wellness programs tailored to your needs. If you want to boost your physical and mental health, strengthen your muscles, and enhance your metabolism, we recommend subscribing to the company’s online wellness programs.

7. Mentorum Inc.

Mentorum is an online platform and a Montreal-based company that helps people find the right doctor, physiotherapist, and wellness professional based on their location and needs. You can browse the company’s online platform and input your nutrition, fitness, and therapy goals to find the best expert.

8. Neuro Tracker

Neuro Tracker is a one-of-a-kind wellness company in Montreal. Unlike other businesses, Neuro Tracker focuses on neuroscience research and develops 2D and 3D technologies to improve your brain’s health and power. If you want to enhance your cognitive stamina and function, make sure you use Neuro Tracker’s innovative projects. Military personnel, health professionals, athletes, celebrities, and sportspeople usually use Neuro Tracker to boost their mental power.

9. Pearll Health & Wellness

Pearll Health and Wellness, Montreal, offers programs for stress, depression, and anxiety. All tools developed by this company are beneficial for acute and chronic mental health conditions. The company focuses on implementing integrative health approaches, providing patients with tailored solutions to improve their mental health, manage stress, and live happier lives.

10. HALEO Clinic

Last but not least, HALEO Clinic is a state-of-the-art service offering sleep promotion programs. It has over 30 registered psychologists, therapists, psychotherapists, and social workers. Research shows that more than 90% of the company’s clients are satisfied with the programs and tools, allowing them to sleep appropriately by preventing the risk of insomnia.

Final Words

Montreal is home to the world’s best wellness companies, offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. The wellness companies in Montreal encompass numerous activities to promote people’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

While some companies offer exercise/fitness programs, others focus on personal care, nutrition, weight loss, spa retreats, online apps, workplace wellbeing, wellness tourism, and medication. These are the ten best wellness companies in Montreal offering unique services. Make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

People visit Montreal for various reasons. However, if you want to know why this city has earned a name for itself, read these reasons.

Reasons to visit Montreal

Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada that keeps a lot of history within its historic streets and attractions. The city is famous among tourists who come to Canada from different countries.

Not only is Montreal famous for its beauty, but it also offers parks, scenic ponds, rivers, picturesque mountains in the nearby areas, world-class restaurants, and plenty of outdoor adventures, including summer and winter activities. Here are the top reasons to visit Montreal. Read on!

1.    Diverse Culture

Montreal is a city where people from different ethnicities and nationalities meet and interact. Different cultures blend smoothly and offer endless experiences for locals and tourists alike. If you want to experience all cultures, the best time to visit is between April and September.

In addition, visiting during this time of the year will allow you to immerse yourself in a vibrant and welcoming multi-ethnic cultural heritage. However, most people in Montreal speak French, so you will have a chance to interact with them and learn a few French words.

2.    Outdoor Adventure Activities

You can participate in many activities if you are visiting Montreal during the winter months. You can go cross-country skiing in many parks in Montreal, including the Parc du Mont-Royal. Besides, you can also enjoy sledding, ice skating, and spa treatments.

On the other hand, if you have decided on a summer trip, we recommend trying watersports, such as kayaking in La Salle and surfing the St. Lawrence River in Montreal are just a few of the many fun activities in the city has to offer.

3.    Great Festivals

There are a variety of festivals to enjoy if enjoying the winter or summer activities is not enough for you. The Montreal International Jazz Festival is one of the most popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pop music.

In addition, some of the most popular festivals in Montreal are Canada Pride, Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal World Film, etc. Participating in cultural festivals will allow you to learn about fantastic art, culture, and history. At the same time, you can enjoy delicious food.

Remember, multiculturalism is one of the most important aspects of Montreal that makes it unique and attractive for locals and tourists alike. So, if you want to get the most out of your time in Montreal, make sure you do your research and find the dates for festivals and cultural events.

4.    Shopping and Dining

In Montreal, the shopping never stops. Even if you want inexpensive clothes, shoes, or jewelry, once you start shopping, you are likely to end up buying multiple packages. That’s why the shopping scene in Montreal is second to none. People in Montreal are known for their eclectic and quirky style.

In addition, there are plenty of places to shop, including St. Catherine Street and the Eaton Centre. Moreover, the charm of any city lies in its ability to satisfy the palate. From the moment you set foot in the town, you can indulge your taste buds in various delicious national and international cuisines.

The city is diverse, and its culture is beautifully reflected in the variety of cuisines from around the world. No matter your budget or time, you are sure to find a restaurant that will satisfy you.

5.    Beautiful Museums

Montreal is a lively and vibrant city with a thriving art scene that combines culture and entertainment. Montreal has everything you need if you are interested in science, history, culture, or art. There are many art galleries and museums to satisfy your desire for cultural exploration.

For example, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of the best places in the world to find unique archaeological pieces, artwork, and antiques. In addition, the Insectarium, Biosphere, and Planetarium are great places for nature lovers.

Final Words

Although many cities in North America attract tourists from different countries, Montreal is unique and has earned global recognition and praise for its natural beauty, diverse culture, entertainment scene, thrilling adventure activities, refreshing parks, and delectable cuisines. In simple words, visiting Montreal will complete your vacation or trip to Canada. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

In this blog, we will talk about  5 reasons why the wintertime has become a time of depression, sadness and fatigue and how to turn the wintertime into a period of healing, rejuvenation, and emotional reset!


For most of you today, your day is not getting shorter when you approach winter and is not getting longer when you approach summer. This is because you’re no longer living in harmony with the cycle of the sun and you’re spending most of your time under artificial lights.

Excessive Us of Indoor LED Lighting Emitting Harmful Blue Light

The length of the day in nature is continuously changing from one season to the next and is governed by the movement of the earth around the sun. In contrast, the length of the day in your indoor environment is often the same, governed by your habits and awareness of when you turn on and off the lights around you.

Now, believe it or not, your awareness and habits of when you turn on and off the lights around you will determine the quality of your health and wellbeing during the winter.

Let me explain.

We have a master gland in the brain called the pineal gland. Most of you know it as the third eye. This powerful gland is a light meter that controls your sleep, mood and many internal functions in the body.

It receives light-activated information from the eye-brain connection and measures the length of the day.

As a result, it informs our body about the time of the season. This enables your body to make the necessary alterations in your sleep, mood, metabolism and physiology. This enables you to adapt to the different seasons of the year.

A wolf in nature will not wait until the first snowfall to be reminded of thickening its coat. Its pineal gland measures the light in the environment and transmits messages to the body to anticipate the winter and make the necessary adaptations.

Just like a wolf,  when the day gets shorter, and the pineal registers winter, it transmits messages to your body to prepare you for the shorter and colder days.

You naturally start to sleep longer.

The pineal gland’s cycle of melatonin production becomes longer. This enables your body and cells to undergo deeper healing and cleaning.

You will naturally clean all inflammation and detox your system on an emotional and physical level.

Your serotonin production is altered and you’re now more resilient and adaptable to the gloomy days.

Now the problem is that most of you are artificially manipulating the pineal gland by being exposed to the wrong frequencies of light at the wrong time of the day.

This artificial light is causing the pineal gland to send the wrong information thus your bodies are being tricked to think it is summer time all year long.

This lack of harmony with nature’s light destroys your ability to heal and rejuvenate during the winter. It turns the winter time into a time of sadness and depression.

Now, what can you do about this?

Make sure you turn off all lights after sunset. If this is something that is not practical to you in our modern world, wear a lens technology system like the VivaRays glasses that are designed to filter out the wrong frequencies of light.

This will enable your pineal gland to accurately measure the length of the day and keep you in harmony with the winter season.

Also, make sure that you spend time outdoors in natural lighting to boost your serotonin levels.

Bare feet grounded on a patch of moss surrounded by snow.



For most of you today, you are completely disconnected from the earth’s magnetic field. This magnetic field transmits important messages to our pineal gland about the time of the season.

We are designed to walk bear-foot on the ground and this enables us to stay connected to Schumann’s resonance. This frequency changes from day to night and from season to season. Our pineal gland measures this change and sends important messages to the rest of our body so that we can make the necessary adaptation to the different times of the day and seasons.

Now, what can you do about this?

Make sure you step outside in bare feet whenever you can to keep yourself attuned to the frequency of the earth. Stepping outside barefooted, first thing in the morning, is a great way to start your day.


If you’re eating bananas and tropical fruit during the winter, you’re actually confusing your body about the time of the season.

Tropical fruits

Food is an electromagnetic barcode of sunlight. It stores light information and when we eat food, it gets broken down into light subatomic particles that our mitochondria use to produce energy and water.

When the light that enters your eyes and the food that enters your mouth is in harmony with the light and the food in your environment,  your body will receive the right information and you will be able to make the necessary adaptation for the winter.

Naturally, when your body is in the winter mode, You will start fasting for longer hours without feeling an urge to eat every 2 hours.  You will stop craving carbs and sugar which only grow during the summer season and aren’t naturally available to you during the winter.

Your body will switch from carb and sugar metabolism to fat metabolism and you will naturally include more animal fats in your diet.

Naturally, you will start losing fat because you are designed to lose fat during the darker and colder times of the year just like a bear loses all the fat during the hibernation season.

Now, what can you do about this?

This winter, try to eat as seasonally and locally as possible.

Time your food intake with the sun, eating the biggest meal when the sun is highest in the sky. Eat your last meal around sunset and fast during the evening and night.


Your daily circadian rhythm as well as your seasonal rhythm is highly connected to temperature.

Throughout a 24 hour period, the temperature in your environment is naturally warmer during the day and colder at night. This works in complete conformity and harmony with your internal body temperature which starts rising shortly before you wake up and drops down before you go to bed. The quality of your sleep and wakefulness is tremendously impacted by this natural daily fluctuation in temperature between day and night.

Lightly dressed outside in the winter demonstrating cold thermogenesis

Similarly, our bodies are meant to experience the natural fluctuations in temperature from season to season which act as very important information and enable us to make the necessary adjustments.

During the wintertime, light is less available and our body switches to temperature signaling. Cold becomes as important as morning sunlight in regulating our circadian rhythm and sleep and wakefulness cycles.

When sunlight is not present, you can use cold to make you feel good. You see, cold thermogenesis can make you feel great in the same way that sunlight can. Cold increases the dopamine levels in your brain

Next, cold thermogenesis increases a process called “autophagy” which means cellular cleaning and replacement. It is the most important process that the body performs, enabling you to heal and rejuvenate.

Cold thermogenesis stimulates that autophagy process, reversing ageing and promoting longevity. This is why the winter has been known to be a time for going in, healing and rejuvenating.

When you live in 25 C under artificial blue lights, you confuse your body into thinking it’s 12-noon summertime all year long and that it is supposed to be doing one thing rather than the multitude of self-healing functions that nature has equipped us with.

Now, what can you do about this?

1.   When you wake up in the morning and sunlight is not available, start your day with a cold shower. This will increase your body temperature and trigger optimal wakefulness.
2.   Throughout the day, when sunlight is less available, go outside and expose yourself to the cold outside without putting on so many layers. This will optimize your energy throughout the whole day.

3.   Sleep in a cold and darkroom. Sleeping in Heated rooms disturbs your circadian rhythm and confuses your body about the time of the season. You are meant to sleep in a dark and colder environment in the winter and this maximizes your autophagy. In other words, you will rejuvenate much deeper and live a longer and more vibrant life


Plants and animals awaken in the spring of the year, they develop and mature in the summer, slow down in the fall, and rest in the winter.

This technology is 4.7 billion years old.

Insisting on living all your life in the summer phase, continuously thriving and not taking the time to slow down is extremely destructive to your mental health and wellbeing.

This winter, take the time to go within and give yourself permission to slow down and be less active and KNOW that this is nature’s master plan for you to be less active during the winter and more active during the summer.

Author: Roudy Nassif

Top 5 Islands to Visit in Quebec

Do you want to get the most out of your trip to Quebec? If yes, don’t forget to visit these top five islands in Canada’s largest and most picturesque province!

5 Islands to Visit in Quebec

Quebec is the largest province in Canada and is famous for its scenic geography and natural views. It boasts picturesque mountains, lush green forests, breathtaking valleys, ocean views, and stunning islands. In addition to beautiful towns, Quebec is home to North America’s spectacular islands. Here are the top five islands to visit in this awe-inspiring Canadian province. Read on!

1.    Saint Helen’s Island

Saint Helen’s Island is perfect for families and friends who want to experience relaxing and magical vacations. Hundreds of thousands of people, including locals and tourists, visit Saint Helen’s Island to enjoy picturesque views and breathe in the fresh air.

In addition, Saint Helen’s Island is home to numerous parks, walking paths, running tracks, and picnic areas, allowing tourists to relish the stunning views of ST. Lawrence River. Don’t forget to visit Jean Drapeau Park, a picturesque amusement park located on the island.

2.    Anticosti Island

Anticosti is a wild island located in the heart of ST. Lawrence Gulf boasts captivating views and lush green scenery. The island has a fascinating history, and many people visit this place to learn about it.

Once you are on the island, you will want to come back again and again, thanks to the natural charm that immerses your soul. Besides, the island is famous for visitors with enthusiasm for flora and fauna, including the white-tailed deer species.

You will also enjoy the picturesque canyons, breathtaking natural caves, and freshwater streams with crystal-clear waters. We recommend visiting the Sepaq Anticosti, a genuine paradise for nature lovers that offers endless shorelines, beautiful waterfalls, a massive cave, rivers, birds, deer, sales, and the remains of shipwrecks.

3.    L’Isle-aux-Coudres

Although L’Isle-aux-Coudres is a small island in Quebec, it offers magical and heart-soothing experiences in the middle of the picturesque ST. Lawrence River. In the Charlevoix region, L’Isle-aux-Coudres is a perfect destination for families and friends.

L’Isle-aux-Coudres lets you enjoy the 360 degrees spectacular landscapes and lush green scenery. The place also attracts people from Quebec and Canada to watch the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets.

In addition, L’Isle-aux-Coudres is home to wildflower species and frozen tidal flats. We recommend discovering the awe-inspiring scenery of L’Isle-aux-Coudres, meeting the locals, enjoying their legendry hospitality, and taking a ride on the ferry to immerse yourself in the paradise-like environment.

L’Isle-aux-Coudres is also one of the best islands in Quebec for cyclists, kite surfers, swimmers, and other adventure enthusiasts. Don’t forget to eat the signature delicacies of L’Isle-aux-Coudres Island, including the famous ciders. Staying in L’Isle-aux-Coudres for a night is also a one-of-a-kind experience. For instance, you can enjoy the open-air shows without spending a penny.

4.    Grosse-Ile

Grosse-Ile offers something to everyone, including the nature walk or hike along the spectacular Mirador Trail surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Majestic River. There are over 600 plant species, including the Skunk Cabbage.

Besides, you will love exploring or viewing the 600-year-old trees and taking photos to create memories. We recommend visiting the historical Celtic cross, a monument that has become Grosse-Ile Island’s emblem. The cross reminds people of the Irish immigrant who were victims of Typhus in 1848.

Moreover, take a ride in the tourist trolley to navigate the village. It is a 75-minute tour that lets you explore the historical buildings on the island, including the Catholic and Anglican Chapels. So, Grosse-Ile is a perfect place for spending quality time in a pristine environment.

5.    Havre Aubert Island

Last but not least, Havre Aubert Island offers the most extensive archipelago forest, a place perfect for observing the flora and taking a hike. Havre Aubert Island is home to natural sceneries and breathtaking views between the beach and the hills. We recommend this island to enjoy the natural fishing and yachting harbor.

Les Demoiselles, also known as the Misses, is the most beautiful hills in the Havre Aubert Island, offering various tourist attractions, including the Chemin d’en Haut, a scenic road bordered by traditional houses. In addition, you can visit the Courthouse at Havre Aubert Island.

Final Words

Quebec is the epitome of natural beauty in Canada, offering forests, vast agricultural lands, lakes, rivers, fish, wildlife, mountains, and islands. You won’t want to come back when you visit any of these islands in Quebec, thanks to the magical environment, heart-soothing atmosphere, and soulful scenery. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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