Planes, History and Space

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum | Musée de l’Aviation et de l’Espace du Canada)

Are you a big fan of space, planes, aviation, or history?

Well Canada Aviation and Space Museum is definitely a place you will like.

Located less than 2 hours from Montreal make it a great reason for a one day road trip.

The museum is also located 15 min east of Ottawa, which allows you to visit the capital while you are at it.

More History than Aviation

As much as you are going in to learn about planes, space, and amazing machinery, you will end up learning more on history.

The museum portrays the evolution of aviation, and the role that planes played in the history of western world that we live in.

And it also builds a new admiration towards the pilots who took on risk and flew these plans through world war 1 and 2.

Planes and History