A Visit to Mansfield Gym

Looking for a quality gym at a reasonable price?

Recharging and Destressing

Mansfield is one of our favorites. When you need to let the stress out from your day and recharge your batteries, Mansfield has everything for you.

They have a variety of group classes with skilled trainers. There is something to cater to different styles and fitness levels. Classes range from zumba, to yoga, spinning, tabata, bootcamp, kickboxing, crossfit and more.

Taking Training to the Next level

To take your health and training to the next level, they have skilled personal trainers and nutritionists.

After your workout you can relax in the sauna and steam room and then enjoy a shake or snack at their juice bar. Their snacks are healthy, tasty and use high quality ingredients. No need to visit a spa if you are looking for a quick relaxation, just head out to Mansfield.

Three locations

Taking Training to the Next level

They have three locations: Brossard, Downtown and the West Island. The great part is, with your membership you can visit their other locations as well.

If you are worried about how you can schedule your gym time with kids, they have a great daycare in their Brossard and West Island locations that take care of kids of all ages including newborns.