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A Feature on Nathalie Mailhot

Nathalie Mailhot | A Montreal Based Mompreneur Giving Teenagers Confidence Through Public Speaking

express themselves with confidence

“If your son or daughter can express themselves with confidence and feel good about themselves, it gives them a huge leg up.” ~ Nathalie Mailhot

Public speaking is no easy task. Especially for a teenager.

Think back to your teenage years. Imagine your teen self facing a public speaking event, or having ideas you want to be heard. Would you have had the confidence and poise to express your thoughts clearly and feel good about yourself at the same time?

Nathalie Mailhot
© https://www.facebook.com/TheAuthorInMe/
Nathalie Mailhot
© https://www.facebook.com/TheAuthorInMe/

What inspired Nathalie to create Teen Talk.

Nathalie Mailhot knows the challenges very well. As a child, she was shy and withdrawn. She had many ideas, but did not know how to share them and certainly did not have the confidence to do so.

When she had a daughter of her own, she wanted to ensure her daughter was not held back by the same shyness. She wanted her daughter to feel empowered to speak her mind, to listen to her inner voice and to master communicating effectively.

This desire inspired Nathalie to create Teen Talk.

What is teen talk

Teen Talk is a program for teens aged 12 to 17. The program aims to help them master their self-confidence and self-expression, and to give them a voice that helps them soar.

As a public speaking coach and Founder of Teen Talk, Nathalie helps teens learn to communicate with ease, brighten their outlook on ‘public’ speaking and lighten the public speaking process with humor and fun!

She believes strong communication skills make all the difference in a young person’s future success and personal happiness.

She also believes public speaking is about so much more than a presentation or one-time event.

A program is designed to give your son or daughter the tools to express themselves

This program is designed to give your son or daughter the tools to express themselves with ease but, more importantly, to powerfully celebrate their unique voice. These tools will carry them through the many stages and challenges they face as they move through their teenage years and into adulthood.

Now, that sounds great to a parent. But what about the teens themselves? See what these amazing kids had to say after Nathalie brought Teen Talk to their school: