10 Winter Indoor Activities In Montreal

Montreal Indoor Winter Attractions

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Here is what Montreal Tips thinks are the best Indoor activities to do in Winter:

There are so many great things about living in Montreal. One of the best is all the amazing activities available, year round. No matter what your family’s interests or ages, you are sure to find something to keep everyone happy, active, entertained and WARM this winter!

1 - Biodome

You know those particularly chilly winter days when you can feel the cold right down to your bones and there isn’t a Snuggy known to man that could warm you up? Wouldn’t you rather be in a tropical rainforest on those days? Head to the Biodome where the very first exhibit is literally a rainforest! Seeing the animals and watching them play in their natural habitats is great family fun. But that first step into the tropics, as the warmth and humidity washes over you, is heaven to Canadians in winter.

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2 - Redpath Museum

Do your kids love dinosaurs and mummies? Part of McGill University, the Redpath Museum is an exploration of earth’s history, including dinosaurs, marine life, endangered and extinct animals, geological collections and historical world cultures.

There are also temporary exhibits, public talks, guided tours and special events. Check out the calendar!

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3 - McCord Museum

The McCord Museum is a celebration of life in Montreal, past and present. There is always a fascinating new exhibit to check out and plenty of activities available for families and groups.

This winter’s family friendly exhibits include an exploration of classic fairy tales that draws children in, challenging them with a fun scavenger hunt-style activity, as well as an exhibit on the golden age of magic and illusions!

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4- Musee d’art contemporain

Kids in an art museum? Yes! In addition to exhibits, Montreal’s contemporary art museum offers a variety of workshops and events, some for adults only, but many for kids as well. Your whole family can try out different artistic techniques and explore the world of contemporary art in a hands on, interactive environment. You can even host kids parties at the museum.

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5 - Laser Quest

After exploring a new world in one of Montreal’s many museums, how about blowing off some steam at Laser Quest? Parents today probably remember laser quest from their own childhood. So it’s the perfect activity to introduce to your own kids, and to relive a small piece of your own childhood! And let’s face it. When is it not fun to play with lasers??

Laser Quest is family friendly, wheelchair accommodating and caters to birthday parties, day camps, youth groups and even offers a corporate team building program. Better bring your a-game, Carol from Accounting!

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6 - Aquadome

Missing the pool and splash parks this winter? The Aquadome is so much more than an indoor pool. It features slides, water jets and a hot tub for the grown ups. You can go for the public swim, or sign up for one of the many activities and lessons available.

You can even rent out the pool for birthday parties!

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7 - Olympic Stadium & Tower

Show your little Olympians around a real Olympic stadium. Take a breathtaking ride to the top of the world’s tallest inclined tower, take pictures on a real Olympic podium, take a guided tour of the stadium, or spend a Sunday at Wibit, an aquatic playground for ages 6 and up!

The Sports Centre also features a variety of swimming pools, a wading pool, gym facilities and a host of fitness classes to sign up for.

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8 - Montreal Science Center

The Montreal Science Center is dedicated to learning through fun and interaction. Exhibits are always thrilling for kids and adults alike, and there is no shortage of hands on exhibits to keep little hands happy and occupied. There’s even a kid zone where nothing is off limits to climbing and exploring.

The Science Center also houses the IMAX theatre, so you can really make a whole day (or two) out of this visit.

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9 - A/Maze Montreal

A/Maze is a/mazing for families with kids age 13 and up to have a really fun, interactive bonding experience as you work together to conquer one of the many escape room scenarios available.

Finding a family activity that teens actually enjoy and willfully participate in can be challenging. A/Maze definitely fits the bill. And if you enjoy your first try… they have plenty more adventures for you to choose from for next time!

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10 - Centaur Theatre

Theatre isn’t all Shakespeare and monologues. The Centaur Theatre in the heart of Old Montreal offers a Saturday morning children’s series that features enchanting and engaging performances for children that adults will also enjoy. If it’s not too cold, a tour of the historic city afterwards is a great way to spend a day with the family.

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