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Montreal Sky line

What is Bota Bota?

Warmth and tranquility in the heart of a great city

Picture this: You are in the heart of our great city, but ensconced in warmth and tranquility, feeling like you’ve been spirited away. The delicate sounds of flowing water and pan flutes dance in your ears. The air smells of sandalwood and eucalyptus. You lay your head back and gaze up at the sky as the world melts away around you.

You are truly at peace.

This is the Bota Bota experience.

And it is one every Montrealer must have.

Design and Location

Bota Bota is “a ship designed to transport you without moving.” Yes, it is literally a boat. A former ferryboat that is now permanently docked in Montreal’s Old Port and houses a full service spa, complete with Nordic style water circuit.

The unique location of Bota Bota lends something very special to the experience. As you relax, you can sometimes feel the gentle movement of the Saint Lawrence river, and the views from the expansive windows and outdoor areas are simply breathtaking.

The Service

The services on offer include massage therapy, body treatments, mom-to-be treatments, manicures and pedicures, facial treatments and, of course, the water circuit.

Water Circuit

The water circuit features dry and steam saunas, as well as hot whirlpool baths on the outer decks. That’s right. In the dead of winter, you can relax in a steaming outdoor bath! Depending on which hot bath you choose (there are currently 3), you may even catch a glimpse of fellow Montrealers trudging through the snow as you soak in the revitalizing warmth.

To get the full benefits of the water circuit, the proper technique is to spend 10-15 minutes in one of the hot saunas, followed by a quick dip into a cold bath or shower, followed by a rest in one of the peaceful relaxation areas. But we wouldn’t blame you if you opted to spend all your time lounging in one of the hot baths :-) Just don’t forget to stay hydrated!


Bota Bota is open to guests age 18+, is accessible by car, public transportation or bike, has a delectable onsite restaurant (if you want to make a day of it) and offers gift cards, memberships, group packages, treatment packages and a variety of seasonal promotions. Treatments and massage therapy must be reserved in advance, but the water circuit does not require reservations. Don’t forget your bathing suit and flip flops!

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