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Have you ever looked at life and thought, “I wish this came with a guidebook”?

So many people today are searching for guidance or wisdom on how to make good choices, build strong relationships, reach their potential and generally be happier. It’s why a whole industry of “life hacks” has cropped up. And, although these hacks can provide some in-the-moment relief, they usually don’t have much impact on the bigger picture of life. Especially when it comes to things like inner happiness, healthy relationships and an overall sense of peace.

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Meditation has become increasingly popular with people of all ages. Some schools are even integrating the practice to help students deal with the chaos of life. It has so many benefits from relieving anxiety, to finding clarity (a must-have for decision making), to solving conflicts and other relationship struggles. What’s more, it’s a practice that is universally accessible. After all, all you really need is your mind.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Montreal (KMCM), is part of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU), an international family with more than 1,100 centres around the world today.

Meditation is something you can do almost anywhere, anytime and it’s entirely up to you how far into the ideology or lifestyle you want to go. You can incorporate it into your self-care routine, take some classes or workshops, go further into mindfulness, or even get fully invested in the philosophy of Buddhism. It’s not an all-or-nothing practice and it can help you get that much desired clarity and sense of peace that will empower you to move forward and upward in life.

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That’s a mouthful, but what you need to know to start with is that this is an organization that can help introduce you to meditation, help you get into the practice and overcome any hurdles (like that often HUGE hurdle of getting your mind to settle down!), and show you around the different ways meditation and mindfulness can improve your life and the world at large.

Here are a few words from Kadampa Meditation Center Montreal (KMCM) to give you an idea:

What will really help us in difficult times? What will make all our relationships improve? What will really make us happy?

A peaceful mind alone. No matter how difficult things get in our life, or how many unhappy people we encounter, if we are able to maintain a peaceful mind, all the time, we will not experience these situations as problems. With a peaceful mind, we experience real happiness, coming from within, not dependent on external conditions.

Meditation is how you get a peaceful mind. And, with the help of the teachers and staff at Kadampa Meditation Center Montreal (KMCM), you can not only learn different methods of meditation, you can also learn about Modern Buddhism, which offers practical solutions to everyday problems and helps you create a happier life for yourself.

The vision of Kadampa Meditation Center Montreal (KMCM) is a world where everyone keeps a peaceful mind, all the time. A world where everyone develops a mind that sees others as important and precious, and cares for all, equally. It is a vision of a world at peace. How they are working to make that vision possible is by helping people, one person at a time, to develop their own quality of mind.

The Kadampa Centre began about 23 years ago and is now located on Laurier avenue in the Plateau, with other branches in and around Montreal, including Griffintown (currently the only English branch), Boucherville, Terrebonne and more.

The classes they offer range from beginners who want to learn to meditate, up to more advanced Buddhism classes.

A few upcoming events at the Griffintown branch include Meditation in Action on Nov. 21, How to Solve Our Daily Problems on Dec. 5, and a public talk with Resident Teacher from Fraser Valley, BC, Gen Delek on accepting death and living in the moment.

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Erin Lariviere

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Meditation is a great practice to start anytime

Meditation is a great practice to start anytime, but may feel especially timely as we near the end of 2018 and are looking ahead to a happier, more peaceful year to come.

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