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 “There’s nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise”

Continuing a series of exclusive business and brunch events titled “Aspire to Inspire” this December in Montreal, The Connec’N’Grow organizations is organizing the second chapter in the series this January. Every event offers an opportunity for strong and powerful women to get together and embrace their vulnerabilities and aspirations.

“Our mission in creating this series is to cater to female entrepreneur community in Montreal and leverage the exceptional talent and expertise of seasoned professionals within different industries.”, explains Sara Ostad, the founder at Connnec’N’Grow. There is a difference between how women like to network and what they look for when focusing their efforts in developing their professions and gaining knowledge in accessing resources available to further their careers.

The series celebrates female leadership and women’s unique stories as they pursue their career goals and climb the corporate ladder. Guests engage in this inspirational exchange where they not only get to know one another deeply but also share lessons they’ve achieved in pursuing their career goals. Every event is facilitated by a certified coach.

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The objective of every event is making long lasting and meaningful connections. Every event features one fierce female keynote speaker who shares her journey towards success and a certified coach facilitator providing significant educational and informative lessons related to the theme of the event.

The connections happen parallel to a delicious brunch making it a great and energetic start to participants’ week.

Encouraging professionals to attend the event with colleagues, the series makes for an exceptional corporate learning opportunity to foster talent and allowing for abundant networking opportunities. The goal is feeling empowered through the connections and the community built at this signature Connect ‘N’ Grow event.

Sara Ostad

Sara Ostad

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With a wide array of solid experience and expertise in domains of education, business development and organizational change management, Sara is interested in the intersectionality of education and commerce.

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