Love Coach Diana Eskander


Love Coach Diana Eskander takes a unique and conscious approach to helping her clients create the love they want.

Working primarily with single women, Ms Eskander’s message is clear: the love you seek from others, is the love you need to give yourself. This is the foundation to attracting and keeping the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of. She shares this message with women of all ages, from young girls to women in their fifties via one-on-one coaching, workshops, retreats, public speaking and her newest venture, The Conscious Love Blueprint.

The Conscious Love Blueprint, otherwise known as CLBP, is a 12-week online program designed to transform the way you approach and experience relationships.


Contrary to a lot of love and relationship advice, you don’t have to resort to playing games when you’re dating. Those games do nothing to serve you. They keep you inauthentic and stuck inside your head trying to figure out your next play! What I share in The Conscious Love Blueprint are sustainable practices that allow you to not only be yourself in dating, but to actually enjoy yourself! Nothing to memorize or pretend, this is heart-centred work that will stay with you throughout your lifetime.”


Diana has also been coined as a Self-love teacher, empowering groups of young women to own their strengths, focus on what they love about themselves and treat themselves the way they desire to be treated by others.

Love Coach Diana Eskander

While Diana enjoys a harmonious relationship with her husband, her past relationships didn’t look or feel quite the same. After three back-to-back relationships filled with struggle, pain and what she calls, “bargaining for their love”, Diana took some time to be on her own and reflect back on these experiences. What she saw was a recurring pattern, “and I was central to it” says Diana.


She realized that she wasn’t being appreciated, because she didn’t appreciate herself. Her relationships, which she sees as mirrors to the soul, were reflecting back her insecurities, unmet childhood needs and lack of self-admiration.Diana Eskander


So she went on a journey inwards; she learned how to give herself the love she was so desperately seeking in others. She learned who she was outside of a romantic relationship and how to not only enjoy, but savour her time alone. She started appreciating all the aspects of herself, and somewhere along this journey, she met Jack, her loving husband.


Diana uses her story to relate to women and inspire them to know that they too can turn their love lives around. By helping them build their confidence and let go of past stories and limiting beliefs, they are empowered to visualize their future relationship and align their visions with their thoughts, words and actions. Simply put, she helps them transform their love lives – and shows them how to have fun doing it!
Ms Eskander’s journey to becoming a Love Coach was born out of her genuine desire to shift the conversation about relationships to a more empowering one. Her mission is to make this area of women’s lives flow with ease and joy, so that they can spend their time and energy on thriving – not worrying about how to navigate their love lives.


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