Tokidos: The First Screen-Free Gaming Console for Kids

What is Tokidos? How does this gaming console for kids work? How does it positively influence your child’s physical/mental health? Read Here!

Tokidos: The First Screen-Free Gaming Console for Kids

Children in the 21st century grow up with numerous electronic devices. We live in a fast-paced technology world surrounded by computers, laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet of things (IoT). So, we can’t imagine a world without these devices.

However, these devices are useless without online connectivity. Although children above eight can use the internet for educational purposes, the lack of security protocols can cause them to visit inappropriate websites. These websites, including gaming sites, can take a massive toll on their psychological health.

According to Mayo Clinic Health System, school-age children who use a PC/laptop for more than two hours can suffer from mental health conditions, including stress, anxiety, emotional issues, socialization problems, and lack of concentration.

A 2019 research study published on NCBI highlights that blue light from computer screens, smartphones, and television can reduce melatonin production and cause children to suffer from sleep disorders, including insomnia. Playing video games on a computer or smartphone can also cause:

  • Poor social skills
  • Less time socializing with family/friends
  • Lack of interest in schoolwork
  • A sedentary lifestyle that leads to childhood obesity
  • Aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Throwing tantrums and use of abusive language

A growing body of research evidence suggests that limiting screen time is essential for parents to maintain their kid’s physical, mental, emotional, and social health. While parents can’t completely neglect or ditch computers and smartphones, they can adopt healthy techniques/methods/consoles that mimic video games without affecting their kids’ health.

Tokidos is a screen-free gaming console for children to participate in collaborative and interactive play, allowing them to stay physically, mentally, and socially active. Plenty of games are designed and tailored for children to have fun and stimulate their creative skills.

In addition, Tokidos are handheld devices that children can pair with multiple units before inserting or scanning a card to start playing. The educational, interactive, collaborative, colorful, engaging, instructional, and feedback-based games will engage your kid and prevent them from craving video games in Montreal. Read on!

Benefits of Tokidos for Children

Tokidos are designed for young children with age-appropriate content. These are durable consoles with solid resistance against wear and tear and other damages. Tokidos are 100% safe for children and excellent accessories for parents to prevent children from craving video or screen-based games. Let us now discuss the benefits of the Tokidos 5 gaming console.

Age-Appropriate Content/Games

Tokidos 5 offers age-appropriate games and content for children without harsh advertisements. A team of professionals is behind the invention of this gaming console with the utmost focus on providing interactive content to children.

The primary goal of the content is to strengthen family values, improve physical and mental health, and enhance socialization. It offers manipulative objects that improve children’s sense of spatial awareness.

At the same time, the manipulative objective and block-building activities enable children to understand how things fit together. The purpose is to promote their problem-solving skills and encourage creativity.

Moreover, Tokidos 5 has a state-of-the-art snapping mechanism and quality digital content, providing children with immersive experiences and allowing them to manipulate objects creatively. So this makes the gaming console more reliable than traditional objects.

Screen-Free Fun

As mentioned, screen-based games or those played on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are harmful to young children. Likewise, blue light emerging from smartphones, TVs, and computer screens can affect retinal cells.

Blue light can also disrupt a child’s neuronal structures and alter the chemical balance. Blue light can disturb serotonin and melatonin production, leading to sleep disorders.

At the same time, screen-free gameplay protects children from overexposure to smartphones and computer screens, and Tokidos 5 also provides engaging and immersive experiences for kids.

So, your child can play games based on their interest and preferences. These games include math, language, logic, music, and storytelling content. Therefore, investing in Tokidos 5 is an excellent choice for parents to ensure their children have fun without playing games on smartphones and computer screens.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

Parents want their children to perform better in school. However, parents must focus on improving their kids’ cognitive abilities. These skills allow children to remember information and think clearly.

Likewise, cognitive skills enable kids to understand relationships between different ideas and concepts and the process of cause and effect. So, these skills can positively influence your kid’s analytical abilities.

Tokidos 5 offers games tailored to your children’s needs, encouraging them to participate in activities that require cognition. So, you can provide information to Tokidos’ team, so it can recommend you the games that align with your kids’ interests and preferences.

Easy to Use

Tokidos is easy to use and play with; you only need to insert a game card and play. Once you have inserted the card, listen to or watch the instructions/guidelines to play a specific game. Your kid can shake, snap cubes together or press them to have fun and immersive experiences.

Final Words

At Montreal Tips, we recommend parents purchase Tokidos 5 for their children to improve their physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing. It is an affordable way to limit or ditch screen time and streamline kids’ play-related activities. Until Next Time!


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