There are many places to see and things to do in Quebec City. However, you can’t complete your trip without visiting these five best spas!

5 best spas in Quebec City

Quebec City has rich French culture, architectural buildings, cobblestone streets, picturesque views, and state-of-the-art spas and wellness centers. Quebec City is the best place to spend quality time and feel pampered in a relaxed environment.

Spas in Quebec City offer various treatment options, including deluxe therapeutics in a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. The city has spas offering something to everyone, from wraps, massages, and other beauty treatments to Finnish baths and saunas. Here is the list of the five best spas in Quebec City!

1.    Auberge Saint-Antoine Health Club

The Health Club allows people to pamper themselves in a relaxing, soothing, and energizing environment. It is located in the Auberge Saint-Antoine, an iconic resort in Quebec City, and offers numerous massages, including face and body treatments, pedicures, manicures, stone massages, facials, etc.

The staff follows the safety guidelines to ensure everything goes smoothly and you get the best treatment. The Health Club ensures proper hygiene and awareness protocols, allowing customers to experience the best treatment.

In addition, It offers treatment options from Montreal-based brand JB Skin Guru that involves organic extracts to illuminate your skin and restore its radiance, elasticity, and firmness.

Moreover, it offers GM Collin, a famous Canadian Skincare brand with beauty products from organic materials, including natural plants and marine extracts. The laboratory at the Health Club uses the highest therapeutic and scientific standards.

The purpose is to provide customers with plant-based treatments without any side effects. We recommend therapeutic products from Yon-Ka Men Care. The therapy combines various products, including essential oils like geranium, lavender, thyme, cypress, and rosemary, making it an excellent option for men and women to rejuvenate their skin and soothe their muscles.

2.    Ameri Spa

Ameri Spa is a reputable wellness center in Quebec City. It is located at Hotel Le Bonne Entente, offering a wide range of treatment options for men and women to relax and calm their nerves.

Ameri spas have beautiful gardens and waterfalls, allowing you to immerse yourself in a natural and clean environment. It offers state-of-the-art pedicure and manicure services. In addition, Ameri Spa has a spacious relaxation area to experience Neuro Spa chairs and revive your senses and nerves.

We recommend undergoing massage therapy to awaken your sense. The spa offers facials, body massages, and stone therapies to improve your skin’s health and soothe your muscles. Ameri Spa also has private rooms for a romantic massage.

3.    Moment Spa

Moment Spa is located at Le Chateau Frontenac, offering a complete relaxation of body, mind, and soul. Moment Spa provides a holistic health approach that connects your chakras, open your senses, and relaxes your inner self.

It has a team of qualified therapists with years of experience and extensive knowledge of traditional and modern therapeutic techniques. Moment Spa has a relaxing atmosphere and world-class facility with a gorgeous view of the St. Lawrence River, allowing people to experience pure relaxation and feel special.

4.    Sky Spa Quebec

Sky Spa is another wellness center in Quebec City to boost your energy levels, maintain your metabolic and homeostatic functions, rejuvenate your skin, and soothe your mind. The massages offered at Sky Spa relieve stress, improve mood, and make you feel happier, increasing blood circulation to your brain.

It also offers various hot and cold treatments, a Finnish Sauna, open-air California baths, cold showers, steam baths, esthetic care, and massage therapy to make your spas experience in Quebec memorable.

5.    Siberia Spa

Many locals and tourists visit Siberia Spa in the evening to relax their muscles and refresh their minds after a long hectic day. Siberia Spa is famous for Nordic spa, massage therapy, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, infrared saunas, etc.

It is an ecofriendly spa and wellness center in Quebec City, allowing visitors to connect with nature and feel their inner selves. For example, you can sit alone for a few hours to listen to the sweet and mesmerizing sounds of the flowing water.

Likewise, you can undergo hot and cold therapies to soothe your nerves and rejuvenate your skin by increasing blood flow to all body parts. Don’t forget to eat vegan food in the on-site café.

Final Words

Quebec City spas are exceptional because they offer unique therapeutic options and soothing experiences to everyone, including men, women, young boys, and girls. Undergoing treatments in one of the above spas will soothe your mind and tranquil your heart. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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