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Chicken & Champagne at Le Bird Bar

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Bon appetit!

Fellow Montrealers!

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In the trendy Griffintown district,

Located in the trendy Griffintown district, Le Bird Bar calls itself “Montreal’s Premiere Fried Chicken & Champagne Restaurant”. Well that’s two of our favourite things, so of course we had to check it out!

The Decor

Let’s start with the decor. Everything about it is just… cool. From the plush, gold trimmed bar stools, to the cascading orb light fixtures, the 70’s inspired style has a bit of a Moroccan flair and a totally chill vibe made even better by the live DJ pumping out really cool tracks from different cultures and decades. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the uber-cool Henden bar opens beneath the restaurant so you can make a full night of it.you do help create a strong, vibrant yoga community!

Chicken & Champagne at Le Bird Bar

Not the kind of place you expect to find fried chicken that rivals classic fried chicken restaurants down south.

Lower fat fried chicken? Seriously?

So with that, let’s move onto the food. This is fried chicken like none other in Montreal. Using local, vegetable grain fed chicken raised free range on a family farm, the kitchen uses a unique “ecochef system” that results in 40-60% less grease in their fried chicken.

Lower fat fried chicken? Seriously?

Hear us out, because it really is amazing. Crispy, tender, piping hot and just plain delicious, you can get it with a choice of sauces including chimichurri, maple-sriracha, truffled white gravy, bourbon, spicy mayo and many more.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Options!

Oh, but your friend is a vegetarian?

 You can’t take them to a fried chicken place? Oh yes, you can! Because chicken is not the only item on the menu. They have a lot more that’s both meat eater (baked bone marrow, anyone?) and vegetarian friendly, including truffled mac n cheese, mozzarella infused Panko crusted green tomatoes, spicy warm corn salad, vegan popcorn chicken and more!

So yes, you can absolutely bring your vegetarian friend or significant other here, and there’s much more than just a salad for them to choose from. Including some truly mouthwatering desserts!

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weekend brunch

They also do a weekend brunch with a really unique and diverse menu including shakshuka, brisket benedict, waffle grilled cheese, avocado toast, breakfast burritos, banana waffles, fried chicken (of course) and more.

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Ok, back to the “chicken & champagne” thing… really? Yes!

The restaurant bar offers a selection of champagnes and sparkling wines, which somehow pair amazingly well with fried chicken and mac n cheese. It really takes classic comfort food to a whole new level. You would never think of fried chicken as a romantic evening out, but pair it with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Belaire Brut and suddenly it’s looking like Valentine’s Day all year round!

Since they offer both proper champagne and sparkling wine, the options fit just about every budget (we don’t know whose budget includes the $1,095 bottle of Armand de Brignac, but we would probably say yes to a night out with them) and they also have nice red and white wine lists as well as a few signature cocktails.

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It’s a great spot for girls night out, 5 a 7, birthdays or a romantic evening for two. Le Bird Bar is definitely not to be missed. We highly recommend making reservations as this place is truly a hot spot.

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