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Where did the real Jazz go?

When you think jazz in Montreal, most people think about the Jazz Festival, which is an amazing event that has, in recent years, evolved more into a general music festival with a jazz flair.

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Cherishing the vibrant jazz history in Montreal

Beyond the Jazz Festival

But there is a long and vibrant jazz history in Montreal beyond the festival. In fact, it’s likely because of that history that the Jazz Fest exists today.

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Alive and kicking throughout our city

Although jazz may be taking a backseat in its own festival, the music is still very much alive and kicking throughout our city. There’s Biddle’s, Upstairs Jazz Bar, House of Jazz, Café Résonance and Modavie, to name just a few.

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renowned Montreal jazz musician

And, if you’re lucky enough, you may have heard the incredible music of renowned Montreal jazz musician, Paul Dow.

jazz runs through his veins

Listening to Paul play, it’s almost as if jazz runs through his veins. Paul started out on the piano at age 6 and was performing professionally by the time he was a teenager. He has intensely studied various forms of music, played countless concerts, festivals and events, and has played alongside an impressive list of musicians, including Charlie Biddle himself.

Trumpt player

Today, Paul plays as a soloist and a duo, and leads the Paul Dow Trio and Quartet.

Paul can be booked for concerts and festivals,

There is really nothing quite like live jazz to bring the perfect blend of sophistication and excitement to any event. Paul and his bands can be booked for concerts and festivals, or for events such as weddings (indoor or outdoor), conferences, corporate get togethers, or even anniversaries.

Book Paul for your next special event

If you have an upcoming event that you want to make extra special, contact Paul at [email protected].