SPOTLIGHT: Feat Management Gives Artists the Freedom to Create

Featuring Emerging Artists Around Montreal

Montreal | the hotbed of creativity

Montreal has always been a hotbed of creativity with incredible artists of all genres and mediums emerging from our Burroughs over the years.

There is just so much talent in this city. And much of it is never seen as so many artists simply do not have the time, resources or know-how to get their art out into the public eye.

Feat Management Montreal

That’s where FEAT (Featuring Emerging Artists Today) Management comes in.

What is FEAT Management

Feat Management was launched in Montreal by a brother and sister team “with the aim of promoting artists and showcasing their unseen work through public exhibits, curated online portfolios and social media.”

The organization works directly with galleries and other art spaces to help emerging artists get visibility and recognition. For example, Feat may work with a singular artist or group of artists to put together an exhibit under a particular theme or idea. They would then work with galleries and spaces to put the show together and attract visitors, leaving the artist to focus on his or her work.

Feat Management logo

Feat Management Goal

The goal of Feat Management is to create a highly accessible and welcoming community for artists of all levels and backgrounds. One that gives them a space to network, collaborate, grow, share ideas and get their work out there for the world to see. By working as part of a community, one that has dedicated management to support them, emerging artists are better able to develop themselves and their art, and get their work seen.

Rafaël and Max Barnwell

Feat Management Community

Artists who are part of the Feat Management community are featured on the website and have the opportunity to sell their work online, as well as the possibility of exhibiting their work.

Make the best out of it

If you are interested in becoming part of the Feat Management community, visit their website here.