Café Jouney | Lebanese Restaurant in the Heart of Montreal Downtown

traditional mediterranean food in a inviting and relaxed environment.

Café Jouney is traditional mediterranean cooking set in an uber contemporary, yet warm, inviting and relaxed environment.

This café/restaurant serves up fresh and healthy Lebanese fare such as manoushe (a Lebanese street food favourite similar to flatbread or pizza), wraps, salads, different varieties of hummus, breakfast dishes like fried halloumi (yum) and incredible desserts. You can opt for whole wheat breads for a healthier version, sample Lebanese beer, or find out what really good knefe tastes like (spoiler alert: awesome).

Montreal Jouney Cafe

food philosophy

Jouney’s food philosophy can best be described in one word: fresh! Using fresh ingredients, everything is prepared that morning and, best of all, baked goods are baked on the spot in the traditional manoushe oven. Although there are plenty of cheeses, baked goods and meats on the menu (as well as vegetarian options), the food is so fresh and well prepared that nothing feels heavy. It just feels good.

SPOTLIGHT: Café Jouney

Located in the heart of downtown

Located in the heart of downtown, Jouney is really well set up for brunch with friends, a lazy (or quick) lunch, casual dinner or even just to relax with coffee and a manouche au chocolat. We went just to check it out and didn’t want to leave. Do you know how hard it is to find good knefe outside of Lebanon???

Plan your evening at Jouney

If you plan to go with a group, or just want to ensure yourself a table, you can make reservations online through OpenTable, and you can order for delivery through Foodora. They also do catering, so if you want something a little better than pizza for your next team lunch, especially something that won’t make everyone want to take a nap, call Jouney.

Knefe Lebanese desert montreal
inside jouney cafe in downtown montreal

Bon appetit!

However you choose to experience it, definitely do experience it. It’s one of our new favourite spots, so you may even catch the MontrealTips team there! Bon appetit!

Images source: & Instagram: @taou