H8S Bar à Café

Those of us living in the city often think of Lachine as the ‘burbs and, therefore, best left to itself. But we’re doing ourselves a disservice because we’re missing out on a pretty awesome day trip experience that’s incredibly close to the bustling (especially on weekends) city.

Coffee served on the table

A mix of nature, culture and history in one spot

What are you missing? There’s the waterfront and rapids, beautiful nature trails that are perfect for taking in the changing leaves, an amazing urban park that just happens to be one of our favourite kite flying destinations and even a quaint museum featuring 17th-century buildings and a sculpture garden.

Part cafe, part art gallery and part artisanal market.

another Lachine gem

And we recently discovered another Lachine gem: H8S Bar à Café.

Don’t let the name fool you. This place if far more than a coffee shop (although they do make great coffee). It seems to be part cafe, part art gallery and part artisanal market.

They make a mean grilled cheese and serve absolutely to-die-for pastries. They have vegan and gluten-free options available and even make smoothies and frothed oatmeal milk (which is surprisingly delicious). In the gift shop, you will find all kinds of local products such as organic sunscreens, baby soap and body butter made from 100% natural ingredients, including honey and propolis (which is sometimes called “bee glue” and has awesome health and wellness properties – who knew!).

H8S is located right along the waterfront on St-Joseph Boulevard, so you can easily bike to it if you want to enjoy the final days of gorgeous biking conditions before the frosty weather sets in.

We found the cafe to be really cozy and family friendly. It even has a terrace, which will hopefully stay open as long as the weather allows. Seating space inside is limited, but with its proximity to the waterfront, it’s ideal for grabbing a latte and pastry to go before taking a leisurely stroll to breathe in as much crisp fall air as possible. Best of all, it’s a nice little break from the crowded city without having to spend half the day travelling.

H8S is located at 2130 boul. St-Joseph and is open from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Check them out here:


Images source: & Instagram: @taou
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