Best Café to Study & Work in Montreal

Best Café to Study & Work in Montreal

Top Coffee Shops for Working or Studying in Montreal

The number of Coffee shops we have in Montreal has grown significantly in past years. Not all of them have that coziness you’re looking for, or the quiet place to catch up on some work or

Here are 4 top study coffee shops to check out Montreal:

1. Crew Collective & Café

Crew Collective & Café in the former building of the Royal Bank of Canada, located in a heritage building that was once a Bank of Canada, they offer a variety of services. They’re professional workspaces include a collective coworking space, modern meeting rooms, and three large private offices located in their newly constructed mezzanine. Crew is also a third-wave coffee shop open to the public, and a venue for special events, all together in a breathtaking architectural and historical setting. Another beautiful little cafe where you can relax/work in a calm environment with relaxing music.


2. Café Aunja

A very interesting Persian-style menu that is quite unique compared to other cafes. Lovely ambiance with lovely Persian Handicrafts to buy, delicious Persian foods with wonderful caring staff. Café Aunja located 1448 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1K4, 5 min walk from Guy Concordia University.


3. Café Replika

Café Replika is such a pleasing quiet place and charming Replika does coffee espresso-based and Turkish in relaxed surroundings in the middle of the Plateau. While it’s often close to full, it’s usually possible to find a spot to sit with a laptop, a coffee and one of the cafe’s tasty sandwiches or bagels, especially if you’re working solo.

Best Café to Study & Work in Montreal

4. Milton B – Cafétéria Urbaine

One of the best places in Montreal to me, Milton B – Cafétéria Urbaine open 24/24 7 days a week. You get the chance to study, get some extra work done with a good coffee and good food at any time of the day. Located near McGill university with many other restaurants nearby.


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